Series Descriptions

Series I. Whittlesey Papers, 1905-1948
  1. Newspapers articles and other accounts
    consists of published materials pertaining to the 'Lost Battalion' as well as a scrapbook compiled upon the dedication of the Whittlesey Room at NYC's Williams Club in 1948.
  2. Orders, field messages and pigeon messages
    deals mainly with the messages from the 'Pocket' but also includes such documents as promotions, appointments and general orders.
  3. Correspondence
    contains four letters, 1918-1921, from Whittlesey, as well as a note from the Captain of the S.S. Toloa.
  4. Diplomas, commendations, and certificates
    includes Whittlesey's Williams diploma and commendations from four different governments for his outstanding service in WWI.
  5. Photographs
    pertains mainly to Whittlesey's days in the 'Pocket' and his receipt of the Congressional Medal of Honor, but also includes a photograph of his mother which he carried with him while in Europe.
  6. Misc. military papers
    includes his photo ID, a certificate of graduation from Plattsburgh, the original German message to surrender, and other documents relating to his life as a soldier that would have been in his possession.
  7. Envelopes from previous organization
    consists of envelopes which housed many of the documents in the collection at some earlier point in its history.

Series II. Whittlesey Artifacts, 1917-1919
  1. Clothing
    includes various uniforms: his 'Rookie Uniform' from Plattsburgh, his uniform from Camp Upton, and the uniform worn in the 'Pocket'; as well as various other uniform parts: belts, hats, boots, etc.
  2. Equipment
    includes artifacts, carried by Whittlesey during his service in the A.E.F., that would most likely have been military issue. These include such items as a canteen, a gas mask and trunk.
  3. Medals
    consists of those awards Whittlesey received for the success of the troops under his command in the 'Pocket'.
  4. Personal items
    includes those things which Whittlesey would probably have supplied himself: handkerchiefs, a mirror, a shoe brush, etc. Also included here is a silver sword given to him in 1917 by his associates at the law firm of Pruyn & Whittlesey.

Note: Whittlesey's trunk has been used to store artifacts. It is listed as Trunk 1 in the Contents List. Trunk 2 at one time belonged to Luther S. Mansfield, a Williams professor, and is unrelated to the Collection. It probably was first used to house Whittlesey Artifacts after they were displayed at the College.

Charles White Whittlesey (1884-1921) Collection, 1905-1948

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