Biographical Chronology

NOTE: GTW=George Thomas Washburn
ECW= Eliza Case Washburn

1832 GTW born September 5 in Lenox to Miles and Emily Hatch Washburn
1850 June, GTW joins the Congregational Church of Lenox
1855 GTW graduates from Williams College where he was a member of the Mills Theological Society. Delivers a Commencement Address entitled "American Literature--Its Characteristics and their Causes"
1855-58 GTW studies theology at Andover Seminary; Also spends some time studying medicine in New York City
1858-59 GTW serves as pastor of a church in East Guilford, Vermont
1859 March 24, GTW ordained in Lenox, Massachusetts
  September 1, GTW marries Eliza Ellen Case (hereafter ECW), daughter of Ira and Mary Smith Case of Gloversville, New York
1860 January 2, GTW and ECW sail for Madras to join the Madura Mission in India
  April 12, GTW and ECW arrive at Madras
1860-68 GTW is stationed at Battalagundu
1861 September 1, Edwin Case Washburn, son of GTW and ECW, born in Madura, Madras Presidency, British India
1863 May 21, David Scudder Washburn, son of GTW and ECW, born in Battalagundu, Madras Presidency, British India. David was probably named for David Coit Scudder, a classmate of GTW's and fellow missionary who drowned in India in 1862
1869-1900 GTW is stationed at Pasumalai, where he works mainly on building mission schools and promoting education
1870 GTW opens a printing office and establishes a Tamil- English newspaper which he edits until 1895
1870-91 GTW serves as president of the Theological Seminary of the Mission
1872-74 GTW and ECW visit the United States for health reasons
1875-1900 GTW serves as head of the grammar and high school of the Mission
1877-78 fatal famine in Madura during which the Washburns organize a children's nursery and refuge to provide for over 1,500 children
1881 Pasumalai College (now Madura College) organized and affiliated with the University of Madras; GTW serves as president
1886 GTW opens a training institution for teachers
1889 GTW receives Doctor of Divinity from Williams College
1896-97 GTW and ECW visit the United States for health reasons
1897 GTW made a Fellow of the University of Madras
1900 March 30, the Washburns leave India and return to the U.S. to live with their son, David
1914 July 23, death of ECW
1926 December 12, death of Edwin Case Washburn
1927 March 20, death of GTW, the last surviving member of the Williams College Class of 1855

George T. Washburn (1832-1927) Papers, 1851-1919

George T. Washburn
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