James Owen Tryon (1879-1952) Papers, 1880-1952

APPENDIX D. Collections of stories

  • Sinner's rue
  • The Sketeton in the Rue Vaugirard
  • Murder de luxe
  • Murder in the making
  • The Strange case of Marie Lafarge
  • The Judicial murder of Jacques LeBrun
  • An invitation to breakfast
  • A Conspiracy of errors
  • Raphael Levi, kidnapper
  • The Luckless Sieur D'Anglade
  • An Amazing impersonation
  • The Missing goldsmith
  • Two wrongs make a third
  • An Artless bigamist
  • An Heir for St. Geran
  • The Misadventures of Cartouche
  • The Ghostly witness
  • The Case of the elusive ghost
  • Wager of battle
  • Sir John's last case
  • The Great Zadkiel
  • Almost a Rajah
  • Treasure seekers
  • The Baiting of the Boorns
  • The Case of the penitent parricides
  • Count Saint-Germain
  • The Great Swindle
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