Biographical Chronology

1890 October 2, CST is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, son of Kate Harris Thompson and Charles Telford Thompson.
1908 CST enters Williams with other members of the Class of 1912.
1913 CST graduates from Williams College.
1916 CST graduates from the University of Minnesota with an L.L.B.
1916-1920 CST serves in the military and is stationed overseas during World War I. After the war, he teaches military science at several institutions, and serves on the Ordinance Claims Board in Washington , D.C.
1927 CST marries Caroline Klotz Wootten in Burlington , California.
1945 CST and wife divorce.
1945 After several years as special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, and several more years in the legal department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, CST serves as attorney for Loew's, Inc. in New York City .
1956 CST suffers a stroke and moves to a nursing home.
1965 April 10, 1965 , CST dies in White Plains, New York.

Charles Stanley Thompson (1890-1965) Papers, 1908-1912

Biographical Chronology
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