Contents List

I. Tenney Papers

  A. Sanborn Tenney Papers
Box Folder  
1 1 Correspondence, 1860-1869.
  2 Correspondence, 1870-1876.
  3 Correspondence, 1877, n.d.
  4 Financial and legal papers, 1855-1877.
  5 Published articles, address, and book fragment, 1867-1877, n.d.
  6 Manual of Zoology (1870), with annotations.
  7 Manuscript writings: Antiquity of the earth, n.d.
  8 Manuscript writings: Forests of the U.S., Cetaceous system of the U.S., Triassic system of the U.S., Carboniferous system in the U.S., Geological structure of the U.S., God in nature, n.d.
  9 Manuscript writings: Climate of the U.S., Physical structure and natural resources of the U.S., Devonian system in the U.S., Notes for a lecture on "God in nature," n.d.
  10 Manuscript writings, n.d.
  11 Manuscript writings, n.d.
  12 Speeches at Williams events, n.d.
  13 Notes and collected papers, 1864, 1872, n.d.
  14 Notes and collected papers, n.d.
  15 Specimens, 1872, n.d.
Overs. Folder:    Collected maps. (oversize)
Box Folder  
1 16 Specimen sale catalogues, n.d.
  17 Collected tradecards, n.d.
  B. Family Papers
Box Folder  
  18 Abby Tenney correspondence, financial and legal papers, 1868-1920.
  19 Abby Tenney manuscript, 1854.
  20 Abby Tenney illustrations, n.d.
2   Abby Tenney scrapbook. (oversize)
1 21 Amy Tenney letters to her parents, 1867-1868, n.d.
  22 Family photographs, n.d.

II. Tenney Artifacts

  A. Laboratory Equipment
2 Glass beakers (2)
  Metal lamp/bunsen burner
  Tweezer, screwable
  B. Plates for Illustrating Books
3-6 Birds: blocks
7 Birds: plates and blocks
8-10 Mammals: blocks
11 Mammals: plates and blocks
12-13 Insects: blocks
14 Insects: plates and blocks
15-16 Crustaceans, worms & protozoans, reptiles & amphibians: plates and blocks
16 Mollusks: plates and blocks
17 Mollusks: blocks
18 Fish: plates and blocks
19 Radiates: plates and blocks
20 Miscellaneous: plates and blocks