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The papers that compose the Henry Swan Papers, are entirely from his time at Williams College. The collection contains notes, exams, and papers as widely distributed as Chemistry tests and Biology sketches to English papers. The majority of the collection comes from Swan’s junior and senior year, with occasional papers from earlier years.

Although many of the notes and papers are undated and contain no note as to the professor, most of them have been arranged in chronological order, from the clues we could use. There are folders from several classes, including Philosophy 1-2 and 3-4 with Professor Pratt; Honors Work from junior year; Rhetoric 5-6 with Professor Maxey, also in junior year; and several undated papers from an Elizabethan English class with Professor Brown, probably taken in Swan’s senior year. Class notes and sketches from Biology (with an unnamed professor) were dated from Junior year, although the class was generally taken as a sophomore, indicating that Swan used some creative scheduling to arrange his unusual major in History and English.

In addition to these class folders, the collections also contains several longer papers on George Peele and Ben Jonson, and miscellaneous undated work in English, Chemistry, and Economics, which we cannot tie to a specific class.

Henry Swan II, M.D. (1913-1996) Papers, 1931-1935

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