Series IV. Scores

Box 6

Folder 3: Orchestrations (1953-1960): Beethoven. Sonata, op. 28 in D (exposition and development section) for string orchestra.; Beethoven. Sonata, op. 28, 4th movement for orchestra.; Hindemith. March, op. 30 from Ludis Tonalis (A and B section) for brass choir.; Prokofieff. Sonata no. 8, 3rd movement for orchestra. Ravel. Sonatine for string orchestra.; Scrizbyn. 10th piano sonata, op. 70 (introduction and first element).
Folder 4: Adagio and allegro for violin and violincello. (April 1955)
Folder 5: Study for percussion. (May 1956)
Folder 6: Mut. for violin and piano. (1956)
Folder 7: Sketches, 1957-1958. Spiral Notebooks.
Folder 8: Sketches, 1957-1958. Miscellaneous.

Box 7

Folder 1: Piano Sonata (1956)
Folder 2: Sketches, 1957-1962. Spiral notebooks. Miscellaneous.
Folder 3: Seven expressions of poems by E.A. Robinson for piano and four soloists. (Jan.-Apr. 1957)
Folder 4: Adagio and allegro for horn and strings. (Sept.27-Nov.14, 1957)
Folder 5: Variations on folk themes for piano, four hands. (1957)
Folder 6: Song of Ruth for soprano and organ. (Aug. 13, 1958)

Box 8

Folder 1: The cycle of spring. (1958) (CD S-02)
Folder 2: Dance variations for piano. (June 1- Aug. 5, 1959)
Folder 3: Concerto for orchestra. (Thesis, 1959)

Box 9

Folder 1: Concert Mass, S.A.T.B., a cappella. (1960, pub. 1967 T. Presser) To the Bryn Mawr College Chorus and the Colgate College Choir
Folder 2: Five song on 15th and 16th Century lyrics for soprano, flute, clarinet in B flat, bassoon. (1960) 1. Proud distain, 2. But alas, 3 . Fine knack for ladies, 4. Mourn, 5. The shepardess
Folder 3: The Merchant of Venice. (1961)

Box 10

Folder 1: Cantata I for soprano and chamber orchestra on the Revelation of St. John. (1963) Dedicated to George Rochberg. (CD S-05, S-15, S-18, S-31) 1. Prologue, 2. Strophe I, 3. Strophe II, 4. Strophes III and IV, 5. Strophes V, VI and VII
Folder 2: Cantata II for tenor (high voice) and chamber orchestra (Apr. 15, 1964, rev. Jan. 10, 1965)(CD S-10) 1. Allegro, 2. Scherzo, 3. Adagio con moto, 4. Presto
Folder 3: Choruses on poems of Yeats for soprano, tenor, wind orchestra, choir, piano, and percussion. (Nov. 1966) Commissioned by the Philadelphia Musical Academy. 1. Those dancing days are gone, 2. Marching song, 3. Into the twilight, 4. Sweet dancer, 5. The second coming
Folder 4: Tonal cohesion in Schoenberg's twelve tone music. (Dissertation, 1966)
Folder 5: Six moments for piano. (1966, pub. 1969 by T. Presser (CD S-15, S-12)

Box 11

Folder 1: Chamber music I Entertainments for violin and violincello. (1967, revised 1983, pub. 1984 by T. Presser) Edited by Elaine Richey and Robert March, commissioned by New Dimensions of Music, Seattle. (CD S-15, S-16) 1. Adagio - presto, 2. Andante - allegro - andante, 3. With, and without measure
Folder 2: Chamber music II Dramatic entertainments for string quartet. (1967, pub. 1989 by T. Presser) Commissioned by the Philadelphia String Quartet. (CD S-06) 1. Motion outwards against downwards, 2. Motion of frenzy, 3. Motion of enfoldment, 4. End motion, 5. Motion towards freedom
Folder 3: Orchestra music I Dramatic movements for orchestra. (May 1, 1969) (CD S-22) I. Andante piu mosso, poco allegro, II. Presto, III. Adagio piu mosso, poco andante, IV. Adagio, allegro

Box 5a

Folder 4: Diary regarding the first performance, Dec. 1972.

Box 12

Folder 1: Solo music for violin. (1969) Comissioned by Irwin Eisenberg. 1. Towards variation, 2. Towards song, 3. Towards dance, 4. Closing, alone

Box 18

Folder 1: ?Show? for kid and orchestra. (Aug. 25, 1970) Script: Wayne Johnson. Commissioned by the Washington State Cultural Enrichment Program for the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Spokane Symphony Orchestra. (CD S-34) (Oversize)

Box 12

Folder 2: Christmas carol settings, S.A.T.B., congregation and brass choir or organ. (pub. 1971 by T. Presser) (CD S-10). 1. Introduction - March of the three kings; O sanctissma, 2. The first nowell, 3. O little town of Bethlehem, 4. Joy to the world, 5. Reccessional - In dulci jubilo/Postlude - Lo, how a rose
Folder 3: Chamber music III Nightset for trombone and piano. (1972, pub. 1980 by T. Presser). 1. Cry, man, 2. Its' been a long, long time, 3. Brother devil

Box 13

Folder 1: III Winds/Vents for orchestra. (March 20, 1973, rev. Jan. 20, 1981) Comissioned by the Hindemith Foundation (CD S-49)

Box 18

Folder 2: Concert sets for band: a dark carnival in one movement. (Aug. 10, 1973) Commissioned by the Western Washington State College Band. (CD S-23)

Box 19

Folder 1: Concerto: "within the mirror of time," for piano and orchestra. (Jly. 7, 1974) (CD S-07). 1. Lyric reflection, 2. Presto, 3. Ritual dance

Box 14

Folder 1: Chamber music IV Ritual series for percussion ensemble (7 players). (July 1975, pub. 1979 by T. Presser) Commissioned by the Univ. of Michigan Percussion Ensemble (Charles Owen, Director). 1. Waves, 2. Symmetries, 3. Lyrics

Box 19

Folder 2: Chamber music V "Stevenson," for singer and string quartet and prerecorded tape. (Jan. 2, 1976) Commissioned for Mary on her birthday, 1976, by James Semans. (Oversize). 1. Illinois '48, 2. Campaign '52, 3. Illinois '09, 4. Geneva '65

Box 20

Folder 1: Concerto for solo percussionist and orchestra. (1978, pub. 1984 by T. Presser) Commissioned and dedicated to Michael Bookspan. Includes notes and preparations for lecture, "Sketches to premier: the origins of a percussion concerto." 1. Lament, 2. Lyrics, 3. Dance

Box 21

Folder 1: Concerto: voyage de nuit d'apres Baudelaire for solo singer, solo instrumentalists, chamber orchestra. (1978) Commissioned by the Piedmont Chamber Orchestra. (CD S-40). Part I: 1. Prelude - la fin de la journee, 2. Vents du soir et dances de minuit; Part II: 3. Interlude - les tenebres, 4. Sombres abime; Part III: 5. Interlude - le flambeau vivant, 6. Aurore

Box 14

Folder 2: Chamber music VI Three movements for viola and doublebass. (1979, premiered Jan. 30, 1980, pub. 1983 by T. Presser) Commissioned by Sally Peck and Lynn Peters. 1. Dark procession, 2. Quiet song, 3. Lyric reflection
Folder 3: Waltz and march of the autos: a concerto for trombone and automobile orchestra. (September 20, 1980) Written for the first southern All-automobile Orchestra and Stuart Dempster (trombone). (CD S-36)

Box 21

Folder 2: Concerto for solo harp and orchestra. (1981, pub. 1982 T. Presser, rev. 1989) Commissioned by and dedicated to Marilyn Costello. (CD S-37). 1. Cadenza - dark pageant - lyric, 2. Cadenza - night presto ? meditation

Box 15

Folder 1: Bohemia '83 for 4 part men's choir. (1983) For the Uplifter's Camp '83. Bohemia ?83 for baritone and piano. 1983) For the Shoestring Camp ?83
Folder 2: Chamber music VII Ceremonies for trumpet and piano. (June 1984, pub. 1984 by T. Presser) Edited by Ned Gardner, commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild. 1. Calls and echoes, allegro, 2. Calls and echoes, adagio, andante, 3. Procession, closing call
Folder 3: Freeway concerto for amplified trombone and automobile orchestra. (Nov. 9-10, 1985) Written for the Cal Arts 10th Annual Contemporary Music Festival as part of the New Music of America, the New Music of America Festival Orchestra, and Stuart Dempster. 1. Fanfare/cadenza, 2. Waltz/scherzo, 3. Lyric/song, 4. March/finale
Folder 4: Chamber music VIII Sonata for trumpet in C and piano. (Nov. 28, 1987, pub. 1988 by T. Presser) Commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild. 1. Ballad, 2. Invocation, 3. Procession, 4. Departure

Box 16

Folder 1: Solo music II For viola, Ritual cycle of lyrics and dances. (Sept. 6, 1988, rev. Nov. 1989, ed. and rev. Nov. 3, 1990, pub. 1990 by T. Presser) Written for Donald McInnes with support from the NEA. 1. Opening lyrics, first dance, 2. Second lyric, 3. Central dance, 4. Final lyric, 5. Closing dance
Folder 2: Chamber music IX Breath and circuses for voice and trombone and piano. (July 24, 1991) Commissioned for the 25th anniversary of the first concert of the Contemporary Group, Univ. of Washington. 1. Ringmaster's fanfare and parade, 2. Clown's scherzo, 3. Daring performer's waltz, 4. Clowns' adagio, 5. Breath and circuses depart
Folder 3: Chamber music XI Strophes of night and dawn for brass quintet. (March 3, 1992, pub. 1997 by T. Presser) Commissioned by the Florida State Brass Quintet. 1. Dusk, 2. Midnight dances (scherzo), 3. Darkest hour, 4. Dawn

Box 17

Folder 1: Ceremonial music for brass quintet. (June 10, 1993) Commissioned by the Williams College Bicentennial Commission.
Folder 2: Fanfare for Bowdoin College for brass quartet. (October 5, 1993) For the Bowdoin College Bicentennial Inaugural Convocation.
Folder 3: Five story songs on native American texts for children for voice and piano. (June 30, 1996). 1. We shall live together, 2. When trouble comes to me, 3. The journey of a raindrop, 4. The cricket, 5. Time takes me on its wing
Folder 4: Solo music III For solo clarinet in B flat, "Bill at Colonus," (musical journeys in celebration of Bill Smith's 70th). (Aug. 1996, pub. 1998 by T. Presser) Edited by William O. Smith. 1. Journey from the 50's and 60's, 2. Journey from the 70's, 3. Journey from the 90's to beyond
Folder 5: Chamber music X Entertainment - sets for brass quintet. (pub. 2000 by T. Presser) Commissioned by the New Mexico Brass Quintet. 1. Fanfare - antique, 2. Dances - blue, 3. Lament, 4. Finale
Folder 6: Cantata for soprano and chamber orchestra. I, II, III, IV. n.d
Folder 7: Piano concerto (two piano version). n.d

Robert C. Suderburg Papers, 1951-2000


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