Series V. Recordings

Box 5a

Vol. 1: Binder of programs for CD recordings.

Box 22

CD S-01-A: Elizabeth Suderburg, senior recital, Univ. of Minnesota, 1958. 1. Bach. Cantata 202, Weichet nur, betrubte Schatten. 2. Purcell. The blessed Virgin's expostelation (realization by Benjamin Britten).

CD S-01-B: Elizabeth Suderburg, senior recital, Univ. of Minnesota, 1958. 1-2. Mozart. Curdele? Non mi dir, from Don Giovanni. 3-4. Brahms. Von ewiger lieve, wie melodien, immer leiser, o lievlish wangen, der schmied. 5. Vaughan Williams, with Housman and Chaucer. Along the field; along the field, good-bye, with rue my heart is laden. Merciless beauty; your eyes too, so hath your beauty, since I from love.

CD S-02: Robert Suderburg, composer. The cycle of spring by Rabindranath Tagore - original incidental music for drama, 1959. Yale Univ. School of Drama, Orchestra and Chorus of Yale Univ. School of Music.<

CD S-03: Bryn Mawr Chorus, 1960. 1. Suderburg. Concert mass. 2. Britten. Ceremony of carols.

CD S-04: Robert Suderburg conductor, Philadelphia Music Acad. Chorus, 1963-5. 1. Josquin. Missa pange lingua; Kyrie and gloria. 2-3. Lasso. In hora ultima. 4. Gabrieli. In ecclesiis. 5-6. Rochenberg. Three psalms.

CD S-05: Robert Suderburg conductor, Elizabeth Suderburg soprano, Philadelphia Musical Academy Chorus. 1. Cantata I. 2. Concert mass.

CD S-06: Philadelphia String Quartet. Suderburg. Chamber music II.

CD S-07: Robert Suderburg, composer. Seattle Symphony, Katims conducting, Bela Siki piano. Within the mirror of time: 1. I Lyric reflection; 2. II Presto; 3. III Ritual dance.

CD S-08: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano, Bela Siki piano. From Vox Turnabout Record. Songs of Bela Bartok: 1. Op. 15; 2. Five village scenes; 3. Op. 16; 4. Eight Hungarian folk songs.

CD S-09: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano, Victor Stienhardt piano. Vox recording. 1. Bartok. Twenty Hungarian folk songs. Books I, IV and II. 2. Bartok. Twenty Hungarian folk songs. Book III. Kodaly. Hugarian folk music. Vol. X.

CD S-10: Robert Suderburg, composer. Philadelphia Musical Academy Chorus. 1-2. Cantata II. 4. Christmas carols.

CD S-11: Robert Suderburg director. Philadelphia Musical Academy Chorus, 1966. 1. Lasso. Lectionis. Schoenberg. De profundis. 2. Rochenberg. Alleluia. 3. Schultz. Psalm.

CD S-12: Robert Suderburg, composer, Paul Jacobs piano, 1964. 1. Six moments for piano (first performance, with Suderburg introduction). 2. Six moments for piano (second performance).

CD S-13: Robert Suderburg, conductor. Philadlephia Musical Academy Chorus. 1. Brahms. Nanie. 2. Stravinsky. Les noces.

CD S-14: Robert Suderburg conductor. Philadelphia Music Academy Chorus. Christmas program, including Compositions on traditional carols, and Preludes for brass ensemble, both arranged by Suderburg.

CD S-15: Robert Suderburg, composer. 1. Cantata I. 2. Chamber music I. 3. Six moments for piano.

CD S-16: Robert Suderburg, composer. Chamber music I.

CD S-17: Robert Suderburg, director. Philadelphia Musical Academy Chorus. Christmas program, including Suderburg's Concert mass.

CD S-19: Elizabeth Suderburg soprano. Univ. of Washington, 1967. 1. Mauchaut. Five secular songs. 2. Cowell. Toccanta. 3. Suderburg. Cantata I.

CD S-20: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Univ. of Wash. Symphony. "Bad tape '68" 1. Strauss. Vier letze lieder.

CD S-22: Robert Suderburg, composer. 1-4. Orchestra music I. Seattle Symphony world premier, 1970. 5-8. Orchestra music I. Philadelphia Orchestra, 1972.

CD S-23: Robert Suderburg, composer. Western Washington Univ. 1. Concert sets for band, opening. 2. Concert sets for band, vamp and closing.

CD S-24A: Contemporary Group, Univ. of Washington, Paris 1913 concert, vol. II.

CD S-24B: Contemporary Group, Univ. of Washington, Paris 1913 concert, vol. I.

CD S-25: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. 1. Loeffler. Four poems, Op. 5 for voice, viola and piano. 2. Schubert. Der hirt auf dem felsen, for voice, clarinet and piano. 3. mystery track.

CD S-26: Robert Suderburg, conductor. Philadelphia Musical Acad. Chorus & Orchestra. 1. Lasso. Lection quatro. 2. Schutz. Saul. 3. Mozart. Missa brevis in F major.

CD S-27: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. 1-5. Bartok. 6-10. Benshoof. Five songs for soprano and piano. 11-20. Smith. Stones.

Box 23

CD S-30: Robert Suderburg, director. Philadelphia Music Acad. Chorus & Orchestra. Bruckner. Mass in E for eight part choir and wind orchestra.

CD S-31: Contemporary Group. Univ. of Washington. 1. Rochberg. Tableaux, sound pictures from 'The silver talons of Pero Kostrov'. 2. Suderburg. Contata I.

CD S-32: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. 1. Stravinsky. Four Russian songs for voice, flute and guitar. 2. Benshoof, Five songs for soprano and piano. 3. Bartok.

CD S-34: Robert Suderburg, composer. Seattle Symphony, Patrick Duffy, narrator. "Show" for kid and Orchestra.

CD S-35: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Jonathan Suderburg, boy soprano. 1. Crumb. Ancient voices of children 2. mystery track.

CD S-36: Robert Suderburg, composer. First Southern All Automobile Orchestra. March of the autos.

CD S-37: Robert Suderburg, composer. Berkshire Symphony, 1989. Concerto for solo harp and orchestra. Winston-Salem Symphony, 1982. Concerto for solo harp and orchestra.

CD S-40: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Piedmont Chamber Orchestra. 1. Britten. Les illuminations. 2. Suderburg. Concerto (voyage de nuit, d'apres Baudelaire), 1978.

CD S-41: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. David Starobin, guitar. Villa-Lobos; Rodrigo; Garcia-Lorca; Tarrago; de Falla.

CD S-42: Contemporary Group, Univ. of Washington. Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano, Robert Suderburg, speaker. Rush. Dans le sable.

CD S-43: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Songs of Bela Bartok.

CD S-44: American music sampler: a program of American music, Part I-IV.

CD S-45: Contemporary Group, Univ. of Washington. 1. Berio. Circles, on texts by e.e. cummings. 2. Schoenburg. Quartet no. 2, in F# minor. 3. Powell. Haiku settings. Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano, Robert Suderburg, piano.

CD S-47: Robert Suderburg, conductor. Albertus Magnus and Yale Glee Club. 1-2. Anon.; Mendelssohn; Purcell; Stravinsky. Elizabeth Suderberg, soprano. 3-5. Lyke-wake dirge, verses I-IV.

CD S-48: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Wenatchee Symphony. Mahler.

CD S-49: 1-3. Philadelphia Musical Academy Chorus. Stravinsky songs. 4. Basel Orchestra. Suderburg. Winds/vents.

CD S-50: Elizabeth Suderburg, soprano. Contemp. Group, Univ. of Washington. Crumb. Madrigals. Books 1 - 4.

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Original reel-to-reel tapes.

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