Appendix B. Series VI: Photographs

Reception following opening of Berkshire New Music Festival, also honoring W.O. Smith's 70th birthday and R. Suderburg's and Stu Dempster's 60th birthdays
1. Pauline Oliveros (composer), Phil Carlsen (composer)
2. Elizabeth Suderburg, Doris Stevenson (pianist)
3. Robert Suderburg, P. Oliveros
4. E. Suderburg, William O. Smith (clarinetist, composer), R. Suderburg
5. E. Suderburg, W. O. Smith, R. Suderburg
6. W.O. Smith, R. Suderburg
7. ?
8. Mickey Bookspan (percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra), Shirley Bookspan
23. R. Suderburg, P. Oliveros
24. W.O. Smith, S. Dempster, H. Greene
32. Ernest Brown (Professor of Ethnomusicology, Williams College), Kevin Aanerud (pianist substituting for R. Suderburg incapacitated by stroke), S. Dempster
33. W.O. Smith, R. Suderburg
34. Virginia Smith, P. Carlsen, W.O. Smith
35. P. Oliveros, R. Suderburg
36. R. Suderburg, student
37. Charlie Schlueter (first trumpet, BSO)
38. K. Aanerud, S. Dempster, E. Brown
39. M. Bookspan, S. Bookspan
40. R. Suderburg, P. Oliveros, ?

Berkshire New Music Festival, miscellaneous
9. R. Suderburg, M. Bookspan
10. Hillary Green, Judy Facini (Assistants for Berkshire New Music Festival)
11. Banner for Berkshire New Music Festival
41. R. Suderburg, S. Bookspan, M. Bookspan

Brooks-Rogers Auditorium Lobby, Williams College
12. banner
13. R. Suderburg, W.O. Smith, S. Dempster, H. Greene
14. Andy Jaffe (Jazz Leader, Williams Music Department), R. Suderburg
15. R. Suderburg, S. Dempster, P. Oliveros
16. Virginia Smith, R. Suderburg, W.O. Smith, A. Jaffe
17. V. Smith, W.O. Smith, A. Jaffe, R. Suderburg
18. V. Smith, R. Suderburg, W.O. Smith
19. R. Suderburg, V. Smith, E. Suderburg
20. R. Suderburg, BMG Representative (sponsor of BNMF)
21. Doug Moore (cellist), R. Suderburg, P. Carlsen
22. Doug Moore (cellist), R. Suderburg, P. Carlsen

28. W.O. Smith performing piece written for him by R. Suderburg
29. W.O. Smith rehearsing with Williams Jazz Ensemble
96. R. and E. Suderburg bowing after recital
97. R. and E. Suderburg performing
98. E. Suderburg, Bridgit Conrad (Visiting Professor in Music)
99. Joe Levine (double bassist), Dorris Stevens (pianist; Artist in Residence in Music, Williams College)
100. D. Stevens, Tim Baker (Artist in Residence in Music, Williams College)
101. Performers in concert of Group
102. Performers in concert of Group

Backstage for Berkshire New Music Festival(?)
25. W.O. Smith, S. Bookspan, Stu Dempster (trombonist)
26. P. Oliveros, S. Dempster, E. Suderburg
27. E. Suderburg, W.O. Smith
30. M. Bookman, S. Dempster, R. Suderburg
31. S. Bookman, E. Suderburg, W.O. Smith, P. Oliveros

42. Lisa Kable (student of E. Suderburg, after performing with the Berkshire Symphony)
43. Student winners of competition after Berkshire Symphony performance
44. L. Kable and E. Suderburg (taken by her proud dad after performance)

Group for 20th Century Music
45. Group for 20th Century Music at Williams
46.-87. Rehearsals for Group's first concert held in gallery of Williams College Museum of Art
88.-91. Reception after Group for 20th Century Music concert

R. and E. Suderberg with old friends (who performed at first concert)
92. Bill McKall (clarinetist), R. Suderburg
93. B. McKall, Felix Skrovonick (flutist)
94. B. McKall, E. Suderburg, F. Skrovonick
95. F. Skrovonick, R. Suderburg, B. McKall

103. R. Suderburg, college
104. R. Suderburg, conducting 1959-1960
105. Yale Glee Club, New Haven, CT, 1960; Fenno Heath conductor
106. Albertus Magnus College Chorus, New Haven, CT
107. R. Suderburg, conducting at the Philadelphia Musical Academy
108. Philadelphia Music Academy Chorus, Philadelphia 1961
109. Members of the Philadelphia Music Academy chorus: David Page (tenor), Manfred Abramson (student), Henry Cook (assistant director, Philadelphia Music Academy Chorus) 1961
110. The Contemporary Group, University of Washington, 1964
111. Members of the Contemporary Group, Univ. of Wash. preparing George Crumb's "Madrigals"
112. Setting for "An American Sampler" concert
113. Publicity photo for "American Sampler" concerts: E. Suderburg, R. Suderburg, Victor Steinhardt (piano), Stu Dempster (trombone)
114. Recording session for R. Suderburg's "String Quartet": R. Suderburg, Glen White (engineer), Philadelphia String Quartet: Alan Iglitzon (viola), Charlie Bernand (cello), Irv Eisenberg (violin), Veda Reynolds (violin) 1970
115. E. Suderburg in concert
116. Staged performance of Crumb's "Ancient Voices for Children" for the opening of the Agnes DeMille Theater at North Carolina School of the Arts
117. Publicity photo for recording of Bartok Songs: Bela Siki (pianist), E. Suderburg
118. Reception following Alice Tully recital in N.Y.: B. Siki, Yolanda Siki
119.Reception: R. Suderburg, E. Suderburg, Tom Frost (A&E man for Sony), Kosiko Hillyer (agent)
120. R. Suderburg, Chancellor's photo by Michael Avedon at North Carolina School of the Arts
121. Oliver Smith (stage designer) receiving honorary degree from North Carolina School of the Arts; Dr. J. Semans (Chairman of the Board, NCSA) in the background
122.Agnes DeMille (choreographer) receiving honorary degree at North Carolina School of the Arts
123. William Schuman (Pulitzer Prize composer) receiving honorary degree at North Carolina School of the Arts
124. R. Suderburg, W. Schuman, Williams Friday (President of Univ. of North Carolina) at reception for honoraries at North Carolina School of the Arts
125. W. Schuman, Kay Kaiser at reception for honoraries
126. Nane Porcher (lighting designer), O. Smith
127. Audience for honorary degre ceremony in refurbished Crawford Hall at North Carolina School of the Arts
128. R. and E. Suderburg (and unidentified persons) upstairs foyer restored Vaudeville theater in dowtown Winston Salem, N.C. housing North Carolina School of the Arts performing groups
129. Restored Stevens Center for the Arts: main auditorium (major project started and finished during the administration of Chancellor Suderburg)
130. Interior of Stevens Center, Winston Salem, N.C.
131. Interior of Stevens Center, Winston Salem, N.C.
132. Interior of Stevens Center, Winston Salem, N.C.
133. R. Suderburg, Cliff Robertson (actor) (and unidentified persons) at lecture for opening of Stevens Center
134. Publicity photo E. and R. Suderburg, taken by Michael Avedon

Robert C. Suderburg Papers, 1951-2000


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