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Folder 1 Papers re: his education at Columbian College, D.C., ca. 1866-1870.
Folder 2 Letters of recommendation and appointment, 1870-1919, n.d.
Folder 3 Papers re: the Guiteau case, 1881-1882.
                     Includes: Pass to the Guiteau trial for Z.T. Sowers and family, good during                      trial, signed by George B. Corkhill, U.S. District Attorney, D.C.
                     Sowers, Z.T. and J.F. Hartigan. Official report of the post morten                      examination of Charles J. Guiteau June 30, 1882.
Folder 4 Professional correspondence, 1887-1919.
Folder 5 Writings, 1888, 1901.
Folder 6 Correspondence and clippings re: his death, 1919.
                     Includes: ALS Alexander Graham Bell, April 24, 1919.
Folder 7 Miscellaneous papers, 1876, n.d.
Folder 8 Correspondence and charts re: Sowers family genealogy, 1905-1945, n.d.

Portrait photograph, ca. 1915, signed P---- Fox. 9.25 x 7.25 removed to Photograph files. 

Oversized folder : Diplomas and Certificates, 4:  Belleview, Medical Society, Columbian College, Commonwealth of Virginia

Zachariah Turner Sowers (1847-1919) Papers, 1866-1945

Contents List