Series III. Personal Correspondence

Box Folder  
6 1 1941-1947: Record legal scuffle; Luther Mansfield; Sigma Psi alumni, meeting minutes, House and rushing [see also Box 25 Folder 8]
  2 1948-1949: Williams news, especially history department from Charlie Keller; "Gentlemen Usually Wear Black Ties," a 12 page story
  3 1950-1953 : Fate of Sigma Psi [see also Box 25 Folders 9, 10];  state of history department/theses
  4 1954-1957: To Congressmen re: McCarthy; race and fraternity; creation of Baxter Hall; Mark Hopkins praise (see also Box 17 Folder 4); offers from other universities; from American History professors (often former students); letter re: artificial distinction between history and American Studies
  5 1959-1960 : Bob Scott/department affairs; convocation panels
  6 1961-1962: Mostly praise for book/corrections/invitations to write others; department affairs; retired faculty; student news; Harvard news
  7 1963-1965: Requests for advice/writing (as a result of book);  personal student news; packet of news clippings [N.B. many letters do not have dates]
7 1 1966-1967 : Teaching offers; former student news; condolence/articles re: students killed in crash
  2 1968-1970: Mostly thanks and personal life updates; book praise
  3 1971: From students (request for Conscientious Objector, life after Williams); Luther Mansfield (fewer copies of F.R.'s own letters; more cards and enclosures)
  4 1972: From students (life after Williams); some academic requests for help and praise for book
  5 1973: From students; request for advice and expertise for projects/dissertations in history of higher education
  6 1974: Student updates
  7 1975: Student updates; Williamstown/college updates (F.R. was in Florida)
  8 1976: From students (thanks for course and updates on lives); some colleagues
  9 1977: Newsy student letters, many from David Livermore ("Liver")
8 1 1978: Primarily from students, mostly Liver, more personal events; requests for article/book reviews; correspondence/praise for Curriculum
  2 1979: Newsy student letters; postcards from student travels
  3 1980: Report of the Committee on the 1980's; Liver; offers to speak at conferences; postcards
  4 1981: From students (reflective "appendices" to 402 journals); clippings, drafts/theses; cards/postcards; references for books
  5 1982: From students; from colleagues; many thanks all mentioning new house; clippings
  6 1982: Retirement: Congratulations; thanks (F.R. wrote to all Williamsiana fund donors); list of donors
  7 1983: Mostly requests to speak or write/review books; some newsy student letters; Raymond Baker re: Gay in the Movies and at Williams
9 1 1984: Thanks/praise for advice and lectures; Liver; beginning of Phil Warren's book, The Purple Connection
  2 1985: Thanks for project help; Larry Daloz's manuscript Developmental Advising and the Teaching of Adults for review; "The Highly Exalted" film review
  3 1986: The Purple Connection and F.R.'s reviewed; thanks/updates on books/films F.R. supported; Anne Swift Sawyer Fund
  4 1987: Mostly thanks for service as College Marshal; some student updates/thanks; a few employment offers
  5 1988: Liver; thanks for gifts/suggestions; student updates; smattering of academic info/praise for book; John Sawyer
  6 1989: Student updates/thanks (many evaluate Williams career and include articles by/about selves); Sawyer; Williams current curriculum
  7 1990: Sawyer (Williams history); Liver
  8 1991: Mostly academic requests and thanks for advice/criticism; Bascom/Chadbourne Houses; responses to F.R.'s articles/books
  9 1992: Thanks for donations/work for class; requests for consultation on syllabi, films, projects; personal news letters
10 1 1993: Future of Williams; request for reviews and copies of speeches/writings; thanks for comments/articles; personal student updates; Payne's religion
  2 1994: Miscellaneous personal letters; requests for articles
  3 1995: Reflective and newsy letters/enclosures; Bennington Museum/art
  4 1996: Thanks for donations; opinions about current Williams; updates/ enclosures about alumni
  5 1997: Williams reflections (from different periods); Anne Sawyer's impression of fraternity/coeducation
  6 1998: Enclosures about alumni; newsy letters (family, jobs, etc.)
  7 1999: Thanks for comments/donations; review of manuscripts; suggestions for Williams presidential candidates