Contents List

Series I. Papers
          A. Buxton Farms
          B. Rosenburg Family
                    1. Individual Family Members
                    2. Rosenburg Family Group And Farm
          C. Civilian Conservation Corps
          D. U.S. Forest Service
          E. Hopkins Memorial Forest
          F. Moon Barn Reconstruction
          G. Hopkins Forest Farm Museum

Series II

  A. Tintypes  
Box Folder/category  
8 UT 01-27 Unknown tintypes, probably of Rosenburg family, ca. 1850s-1900s.
  B. Daguerreotypes  
Box Folder/category  
9 1 Art G. and Robert, Ella's mother(?), in locket engraved" belonged to Ella(?), ca. 1920
  2 Robert(?), in red velvet case, ca. 1915.
  3 Unknown woman, hand-tinted, in brown leather case, ca. 1840s-1860s.
  4 Unknown woman, hand-tinted, in brown leather case, ca. 1840s-1860s.
  C. Small photographs  
    1. Buxton Farms
Box Folder/category  
10 PKA 001-123 Marie Kiley album: Kiley family, Buxton Farms, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  PBF 01-24 Buxton Farms, ca. 1918-1930.
    2. Rosenburg family
  PRA 01-84 Family album: Rosenburg family, Buxton Farms, ca. 1920s.
  PRG 001-128 Family group pictures, ca. 1920-1985.
  PAER 1-8 Arthur E Rosenburg, ca. 1920-1960.
  PEMR 01-32 Ella M. Rosenburg, ca. 1915-1987.
  PAGR 1-8 Arthur G. Rosenburg, ca. 1920-1980.
  PAGRV (001-278) Arthur G. "vacation", ca. 1930s-1950s.
11 PRFR 01-23 Robert F. Rosenburg, ca. 1915-1986.
  PDR 1-6 Donald Rosenburg, ca. 1935-1957.
  PDRM 01-13 Donna (Rosenburg) Manley, ca. 1955-1973.
  PKR 1-2 Katherine Rosenburg, ca. 1935-1960.
  PRFF 01-52 Rosenburg family and friends unidentified, ca. 1880-1980.
  PSHH 01-88 Sheep Hill: farming and people, ca. 1920-1975.
  PBH 01-11 Bee Hill ski area, ca. 1940s.
  PBAT 01-22 Berkshire area trip: Albany, Troy, Bennington, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  PWM 1-4 Williamstown: misc. people, ca. 1905-1915.
  PWC 1-8 Williams College winter carnival snow sculptures, ca. 1960s
  PPC 01-18 Postcards: misc. people, Williamstown, Williams College, ca. 1890s-1930s.
    3. HopkinsMemorialForest
  PBG 1-8 Buxton Gardens, 1975.
    4. Moon Barn reconstruction
  PAM 1-2 Albert Moon, 1933
  PMBR 001-108 Moon Barn reconstruction, 1975.
  PMBD 01-22 Moon Barn dedication, 1976.
  D. Oversize photographs  
    1. Buxton Farms
Box Folder/category  
12 1/POBF Buxton Farms, ca. 1915.
25 5 Mrs. A.L. Hopkins, ca. 1890s.
    2. Rosenburg family
12 2/PORG Rosenburg, group, ca. 1917-1980.
  3/POAER Arthur E. Rosenburg, ca. 1980s.
  4/POEMR Ella M. Rosenburg, ca. 1900-1980s.
  6 Ella Rosenburg, 1908.
  5/POAGR Arthur G. Rosenburg, ca. 1914-1990s.
  6/PORFR Robert F. Rosenburg, ca. 1916-1980s.
  7/PODR Donald Rosenburg, ca. 1930s-1980s.
  8/PODRM Donna (Rosenburg) Manley, ca. 1950s.
  9/POKR Katherine Rosenburg, ca. 1942-1950s.
  10 Katherine Rosenburg wedding album, ca. 1950s.
13 1/PORFFA Rosenburg friends and family A, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  2/PORFFB Rosenburg friends and family B, ca. 1900s-1920s.
  3/PORFFC Rosenburg friends and family C, ca. 1900s-1950s.
  4/PORFFD Rosenburg friends and family D, ca. 1960s-1970s.
  5/POSHHA Sheep Hill A, ca. 1930s-1980s.
  6/POSHHB Sheep Hill B, ca. 1998.
  7 Sheep Hill C, ca. 1990s.
25 7 Sheep Hill, ca. 1900-1930s.
14   A map case Panoramic view of boy in uniforms, ca. 1910.
25 8 Williamstown, misc. people, ca. 1920s.
    3. U.S.Forest Service
14 1/POFS USFS, ca. 1960s.
    4. HopkinsMemorialForest
14 2 HMF research, ca. 1960s.
  3/POHMF HMF, ca. 1970s-1980s.
  4/POBG HMF, Buxton Gardens, ca. 1973-1975.
  5/PORC HMF, Rosenburg Center, ca. 1980.
    5. Moon Barn reconstruction
14 6 Negatives and contact sheets, 1975.
  7 Original house and barn, 1975.
  8 New barn, 1975.
    6. HopkinsForestFarmMuseum
14 9 Museum exhibit, farm technology, ca. 1980s.
  10 Museum exhibit, maple syrup production, ca. 1970s.
27 1 "Williamstown: then and now" exhibit, prints and captions, ca. 1977-1978.
  E. Negatives  
Box Folder/category  
15 1-8 A.L. Hopkins, ca. 1863-1890.
  1-31 Buxton Farms house and grounds, ca. 1890s-1920s.
  1-52 Buxton Farms employees, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  1-50 Rosenburg family, ca. 1910s-1950s.
  1-8 Williamstown people, ca. 1910s-1930s.
  1-7 Williamstown places, maps/photos, ca. 1910s-1930s.
  1-35 Hopkins Memorial Forest, data/maps/photos, ca. 1867-1980.
  1-17 Buxton Gardens, ca. 1975.
  1-3 Moon family, ca. 1933.
  1-21 Moon Barn blueprints, ca. 1975.
  1-108 Moon Barn reconstruction, ca. 1975.
  F. Copy prints  
Box Folder/category  
16 1 A.L. Hopkins, ca. 1863-1890.
  2 Buxton Farms house and grounds, ca. 1890s-1920s.
  3 Buxton Farms employees, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  4 Kiley family, ca. 1910s-1920s.
  5 Marie Kiley album (photocopies), ca. 1910s-1920s.
  6 Rosenburg album (photocopies), ca. 1920s.
  7 Rosenburg farm and family, ca. 1910s-1940s.
  8 Williamstown misc., ca. 1910s-1920s.
  9 Hopkins Memorial Forest, ca. 1867-1980.
  10 Moon family, 1933.

Series III. Artifacts
          A. Buxton Farms
          B. Rosenburg Family
          C. Civilian Conservation Corps