Richard Austin Rice (1846-1925) Papers, 1865-1934

IV. Teaching Materials

  1. Lecture Notes
    Box Folder
    130American Character, n.d.
    31Architecture: General, n.d.
    32Art and Its Resources in Washington, n.d.
    33Bridges and Towers, n.d.
    34Christ in Art, n.d.
    35Durer, n.d.
    English Architecture:
    36Introduction, n.d.
    37Origins, Romanesque, n.d.
    3817th Century, n.d.
    39Faust, 1886
    40Faust, n.d.
    41Faust, Ethics of, n.d.
    42Function of Art; Ghosts, n.d.
    43[German Literature], n.d.
    44Goethe and Schiller, n.d.
    45Greek Islands, n.d.
    46Hermann and Dorothea, n.d.
    Italian Art:
    47Raphael, Michelangelo, etc., n.d.
    4816th Century, Venetian, etc., n.d.
    Italian Renaissance:
    49Botticelli, n.d.
    50Leonardo da Vinci, n.d.
    51The Pageant and Fresco Painting, n.d.
    52Sculpture, n.d.
    53Umbrian School, n.d.
    54[Languages of Europe], n.d.
    55Masterpieces of Sculpture, n.d.
    56[Medieval Church], n.d.
    57Oriental Art, n.d.
    58Painting: Elements of, n.d.
    59Rivers: the Rhine, n.d.
    60Purpose of Painting and Sculpture, n.d.
    61Rothenburg, n.d.
    21Greek, n.d.
    2Roman, n.d.
    3[Soul of a Cathedral], n.d.
    4Temple of Aegina, n.d.
    5Thanksgiving, n.d.
    6The Title of 'The Great,' n.d.
    7Venice, n.d.
    8Vision of the Artist, n.d.
    9Wieland, n.d.
    10Miscellaneous empty lecture covers, n.d.
    11Clippings regarding lectures, n.d.
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