Richard Austin Rice (1846-1925) Papers, 1865-1934

II. Correspondence With Mrs. Marion Rice, c1892-1914

  1. Correspondence from Mrs. Rice to:
    Box Folder
    1 25 Miss Loomis, 1898, n.d.
        Anonymous, n.d.
  2. Correspondence to Mrs. Rice from:
    Box Folder
    1 26 Albert V. Benson, Jr., 1896
        Franklin Carter, 1892-1914, n.d.
        Henry Rutgers Conger, n.d.
        Edward Crosby Doughty, n.d.
        Charlie Hopkins, n.d.
        Stanley M. Howe, [1898]
        Sydney T. Jones, 1898
        Max Rutter, n.d.
        Rhea Barton Rutter, [1898]
        Caroline H. Schell, 1898
        William P. Schell, 1898, n.d.
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