IV. Photographs and memorabilia

(Photographs and memorabilia have been housed with the Photograph, Artifact and Audio collections respectively.)

individuals and groups, Williams up to your ears in queers rally, 1992

gay? fine by me (purple with white lettering) (accession # 2011-090)
gay? fine by me (blue with white lettering)  (accession #2011-090.1)
got laid? // get tested! Williams '08 (white with black lettering) (accession # 2011-088)
Williams QP // Queer Peer (purple with yellow lettering)  (accession # 2011-092)
out in the mountains williams bisexual gay and lesbian (& transgendered [in pen]) union // (signed by rally participants in various colors of pen) (accession # 2011-091)
'Williams QUEER' and Judy Jetson pictured on front in green oval. 'Better blantant than latent' with Judy Jetson and another female figure pictured engaging in a sexual act on reverse (accession # 2013.028)

pink with buttons attached (accession # 2011-093, 2011-094.1-.4); buttons include:
BGLAD 1991 (purple with light purple triangle)
QSA For Everyone (light purple with white lettering) (6 buttons)
ALLY (white with black lettering, and rainbow)

Queer radio show hosted by Kyle Roberts on Williams radio station, 1993 (2 cassettes, accession # 2013.029, also available as e-files)