Series Description

Series XII, Correspondence, is divided into five subseries. Condolences, and Letters from Former Students are filed and indexed alphabetically. General Correspondence, Letters to Family, and Scrapbook Correspondence are filed chronologically and indexed alphabetically. Each subseries has a separate index, and all correspondence has also been indexed in a Comprehensive Correspondence index. Additional letters from Pratt to Catherine, his family and others may be found in the Addendum, Boxes 57-58. Through the correspondence one can trace Pratt's personal, religious, philosophical and professional development. Included are letters from Edgar Brightman, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, William Hocking, Willard Hoyt, Hubbard Hutchinson (Williams Class of 1917), William James, Rufus Jones, Arthur Lovejoy, John Miller, C.A.F. Rhys Davids, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John E. Russell, Gaetano Salvemini, Santayana, Krishnalal Shridharani, Rabindranath Tagore, Percival Truman (Williams Class of 1898), as well as extensive family communications.

I. Biographical Material, 1898-1947
II. Class and Lecture Notes
III. Lectures and Assorted Topics
IV. Writings
V. Notebooks
VI. Questionnaires for Research
VII. Reviews
VIII. Reprints/Articles
IX. Scrapbooks
X. Travel Diaries
XI. Oversize