Series List

  1. Music
  2. Dance
  3. Exhibits
  4. Films
  5. Lectures/Debates/Forums
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Theatre

The 2013.129 accession was organized somewhat differently, primarily by group or issue. These folders include:
Academic departments, faculty lectures, other speakers
Africana/African American issues and groups(including Martin Luther King Day)
Asian/Asian-American groups
Art & Cinema
Center for Foreign Languages Literatures and Cultures, & Comp. Lit.
Claiming Williams, Williams Reads, Daring Change
College Council, including ACE, WOC, etc.
Davis Center, including Women of Color, SOMR, general multicultural issues
English Department & Poetry readings
Environmental issues
Gender issues
Global issues & Politics
International Studies
Latino/a Studies & groups
Oakley Center & Davis lectures
Office of Career Counseling
Religion, Chaplain, JRC, etc.
Students of Caribbean Ancestry, Native American, Muslim students, Bharat
Theatre misc.
Women's issues & Sexual assault
Zilka Center & Sustainable Food

Poster Collection,
1905 to present

Class of 1942 50th Reunion Poster
Scope and Content Note