Series Description

V Lectures/Debates/Forums
Series V, The Lectures/Debates/Forums Series, is divided into forty-four categories:

Apartheid Freshman Seminars
Allison Davis Lecture Gaudino Forum
Asian Studies Global Issues
Athletics Honor Societies
Art Lecture Committee
Miscellaneous IBM Lecture Grant
Music Humanities
Bernhard Fellowship Committee James A. Garfield Republican Club
The Blair Debate Multicultural
Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Union Nature Writers Series
Bicentennial Nuclear Arms
Bronfman Judaic Studies Peace
CES Peer Health
Computers Philosophy
College Council Political Science
Convocation Religion
Center for Language Literacy and Culture Russia and Europe
Department of English Science
Department of History "Take Back the Night"
Economics Technology
Faculty Lecture Series Theatre
UN Environment Programme Women

All of the folders of this series are titled according to the appropriate sponsor of the lecture, debate, or forum. Posters provide the information pertinent to the event such as: who will be speaking, where the event is to be held, and when it is to be held. The posters range in dates from 1960 to the present. A variety of posters can be found in this series including hand drawn, painted, silk screened, and some printed on posterboard.

Poster Collection, 1905 to present

Class of 1942 50th Reunion Poster
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