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III Exhibits
Series III, The Exhibits Series, is divided into eight sub-series: Miscellaneous, Lawrence Hall, Williams College Museum of Art, Goodrich Gallery, The Clark Art, Chapin Library, Stetson Hall, Multicultural.

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Lawrence Hall
  3. Williams College Museum of Art
  4. Goodrich Gallery
  5. The Clark Art contains posters from exhibits that took place at the Clark Art Institute. This folder has posters from exhibits of visual art, music, and books. There is even one poster that is a hand made cardboard collage. Most of this collection is from the late 1970's to the present.
  6. Chapin Library
  7. Stetson Hall
  8. Multicultural

Poster Collection, 1905 to present

Class of 1942 50th Reunion Poster
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