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The John H. Ohly Papers, 1929-1989, contain the personal and professional papers of Ohly. Ohly graduated from Williams in 1933 and later worked for the United States government. This collection contains notes from Ohly's time at Williams as well as correspondence. Because he spent most of his life in civil service in various branches of the U.S. government, the collection contains many government documents, as well.

The collection has been arranged into seven series: I. Interviews and Authors, II. Civil Service Files, III. Ford Foundation, IV. Subject Files, V.Williams College, and VI. Miscellaneous.

Series I. Interviews and Authors is subdivided into two sub-series. The first, Interviews, contains transcripts from interviews with John H. Ohly between 1974 and 1978 regarding his time in the War Department made by interviewers Alfred Goldberg and Harry Yoshpe, Richard McKinzie and Theodore Wilson, Doris Condit and Steven Rearden, and Thomas Soapes. The second sub-series, Comments to Authors on their Books, contains correspondence, 1983-1989, between Ohly and authors on their books.

Series II. Civil Service Files contains files and papers from Ohly's time in civil service, 1944-1985. The series is organized into four sub-series: General files, Civil Service papers and talks, People books, and Notes. The files contain materials from his position as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense during World War II, his resume, various papers authored by Ohly, and outlines of interviews related to World War II and government research. Here are included two of Ohly's ID badges and two War Department photographs.

Series III. Ford Foundation contains proposals related to raising adequate public support, such as Ohly's four-volume report entitled "A Proposal for an Attack on the Problem of Public Support," and projects from Ohly's involvement with the Ford Foundation, ca. 1975.

Series IV. Subject Files is subdivided into four categories: A. Countries, B. Issues, C. Foreign Policy files, and D. Law subject files. The first subdivision, Countries, contains a folder on each country with clippings, briefings, or notes on the respective country. The Issue division contains articles and clippings pertaining to various issues that Ohly worked with often, such as health, population, education, and the environment. There is also a folder with both a draft and final copy of The Army and Industrial Manpower, a book on the War Department and the Army during World War II. The articles span the time period from 1939 to 1988. Foreign Policy files contain materials on foreign alliances, NATO, international organizations, and foreign economy. The Law subject files contain materials on different issues of the law, including Right of Privacy, Property, and Military Law.

Series V. Williams College contains materials from 1929 to 1989. The series includes complete notes from Ohly's classes at Williams, the correspondence of the Non-Athletic Council, Class of 1933 Reunion and correspondence materials, as well as other materials on Alumni giving.

Series VI. Miscellaneous contains Ohly's 1938 Admission to the bar, and Harvard Law School files, 1978-1990.

John H. Ohly (1911-1990) Papers, 1938-1990

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