Robert B. Muir (1898-1997) Papers, ca. 1921 - 1995
Box Artifact  
2 1 Brass and wood table clock commemorating the 1995 Olympic Coaches Reunion Dinner
  2 Sterling silver oval platter with handles, inscribed "To Bob From His 1953 New England Champions"
  3 Silver pitcher trophy with one handle, inscribed "Robert B. Muir From New England Champions 1956"
  4 Silver bowl with blue interior, with inscription "To Robert B. Muir, From His Little Three And New England Relay Freshmen Swimming Champions Wester, Bachle, L'o-Lapts. 1961"
  5 Ornamented silver serving platter
  6 Framed medal and certificate on purple felt (gift of Felix "Buster" Grossman, W.C. 1956)
  7 Plaque (metal and wood) with portrait of RBM and certificate of honor awarded by the International Swimming Hall of Fame May 12, 1989
  8 Plaque (copper and wood), text and autographs, from 1957- 1958 Williams College Swimming Teams to RBM
  9 Certificate on laminated wood with gold trim, from the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, on RBM's 1967 retirement
  10 Wood plaque with beveled corners, from the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, on RBM's 1961 retirement
  11 AAU Age Group medal on red, white and blue ribbon
  12 Swimming Hall of Fame Honoree patch, embroidery on cloth
  14 Stopwatch presented to 'Bob' Muir, U.S. Olympic Swim Coach by College Swim Coaches
Framed Artifact
  13 Wood-framed, navy matte autographed photo and letter from President John F. Kennedy commending his former Harvard swim coach RBM on a distinguished coaching career.
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