Series 1. Papers before the 1970s: Letters to Prof. Miller

Box 22

Folder 3. Miscellaneous. Letters, 1929-46. Folder Contents: various manuscript letters, including two of 20 February 1929 & 16 March 1929 from Professor of Philosophy James B. Pratt (Williams College), one of 18 November 1930 from Mr. Richard B. Sewell (Williams College ?29), one of 19 October 1942 from Mr. Stuart R. Shedy (Williams College ?41), and one of 30 November 1946 from Professor of History Theodore C. Smith (Williams College). (Philosophy [Idealism]; Psychology; Education; Personal; X. 2/20/29a [7].)

Folder 4. Aesthetics (Literature). Letters, 21 April & 2 May 1946. Folder Contents: two typescripts from Professor of Literature and American Studies Robert Elias (Williams College ?36) and several stamped envelopes addressed to Elias by Miller. (Elias 3/21/46, 5/2/46 [7].)

Folder 5. Psychology (Community, Personhood, Ethics). Letter, 26 October 1972; Metaphysics (Law). Letter, 27 March 1973. Folder Contents: two typescripts from Mr. Paul A. Brégy (Williams College ?36) and one photocopy of some pages of Fiduciary Review and a copy of Brégy?s law brief to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (X. 11/16/72 [7].)