Series 1. Papers before the 1970s: Diaries

Box 19

Folder 11.
?The Lamp of Sacrifice.? Essay Draft, 10 July 1931.
?Art and Nature.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?Art and Selection.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?Absolute Purpose.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?Art and Universality.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?Communication in Beauty.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?Color and Form in Painting.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?Beauty and Mysticism.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?The Disinterested in Science and Philosophy.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?The Ideal in a Work of Art.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?How the Artist Achieves an Impression of the Absolute.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?How Self-Knowledge is Possible.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931.
?Can Beauty be Taught?? Essay Draft, 1931.
?Beauty and Behaviorism.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?Purpose and Cause.? Essay Draft, 1931.
?The Datum.? Essay Draft, 18 December 1933.
?Beauty in Nature.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931?
?Philosophy of History (Henry Adams).? Essay Draft, 1931?
?Pragmatism and Frustration.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931?
?Democracy and Slavery.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1931?
?Faith in Philosophy.? Essay Draft/Notes, 21 January 1932.
?Truth and Probability.? Essay Draft, 1932.
?To Know a Subject is to be that Subject.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
??We?, ?You?, and Intuitional Unity.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Monism, Pluralism, and Personal Effectiveness.? Essay Draft/Notes, 5 February 1932.
?Self: Its Origin and Freedom.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Reflection and Concepts of Universal Incidence.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Hegel: The Principle of Freedom.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Poverty and Character.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Order and Disorder in Personality.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?Creation.? Metaphysics. Essay Draft, 1932.
?Does the Artist Create or Report?? Essay Draft/Notes, 7 November 1933.
?Creation is Order.? Notes, 7 November 1933.
?Truth and its Triumph.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932.
?The Teleological Argument.? Essay Draft/Notes, June 1932.
?Business and Politics.? Essay Draft, 23 June 1932.
?Political Wisdom of the Fathers.? Essay Draft/Notes, 28 June 1932.
?The American.? Essay Draft, 1932.
?Permanence and Change.? Notes, 1932?
?Concepts of Universal Incidence and their Content.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1932?
?How to Translate from Points of View.? Essay Draft, 21 March 1933.
?The State and the Gentleman.? Essay Draft, 24 March 1933.
?Mind Emerging from Nature.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1933?
?Are There Two Kinds of Categories?? Essay Draft, 18 April 1933.
?Cooperation: Personal and Impersonal.? Notes, 1933?
?Style in Philosophy.? Essay Draft, 1933?
?Quality and its Order.? Essay Draft, 1933?
?Experience and Theory in Beauty.? Notes, 6 June 1934.
?Fourth of July in the Canadian Woods.? Poetry, 4 July 1934.
?Judging Beauty.? Notes, 1934.
?The Idea of Law.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1934.
?Nature and Persons.? Essay Draft/Notes, 10 November 1934.
?Socialism and the State.? Essay Draft, 1934.
?Pan-Psychism.? Essay Draft, December 1934.
?Prediction and Causality.? Essay Draft/Notes, 22 December 1934.
?Cause and Purpose.? Essay Draft/Notes, February 1935.
?Causation and Concomitance.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1935.
?Definitions in Philosophy.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1935.
Miscellaneous. Notes, 1934-35.
Folder Contents: various titled manuscript essay drafts and notes, as well as various untitled notes, in a notebook purchased during trip to Europe. (Aesthetics; Metaphysics; Ethics; Epistemology; Psychology; Philosophy; Philosophy of History; Political Philosophy; Economics; D. G. J. F. K. M. 7/1931a [5].)

Folder 12.
?Morals and History.? Essay Draft/Notes, December 1953. Published in: The Philosophy of History, 178(2)-(4).
?Criticism and History.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1953. Published in: The Philosophy of History, 185(5)-86(1).
Folder Contents: manuscripts. (Philosophy of History [Ethics, Metaphysics, Criticism]; F. 1/15/54a [5].)

Folder 13.
Miscellaneous. Notes & Diary, 1954 & 1960.
Folder Contents: various manuscript notes on loose-leaf and one menu from a restaurant in Athens, Greece.

Folder 14.
?History.? Notes, November 1963.
?Symbols.? Essay Draft/Notes, 2 December 1963.
?Symbol and Mirror.? Notes, 1963?
?Style.? Notes, 1963?
?Genesis and Identity.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1963?
?Order and the Present.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1964?
?Act and World.? Essay Draft/Notes, 1964?
?The Historical Historian.? Notes, 1965?
Miscellaneous. Notes, 1960s
Folder Contents: various manuscript notebook entries titled and untitled. (Semiotics/Midworld; Philosophy of History [Metaphysics, Psychology, Method]; Metaphysics [Philosophy of History]; X. 11/1/63 [5].)