A. Published Books

The Paradox of Cause and Other Essays. New York, 1978.

The Definition of the Thing with Some Notes on Language. New York, 1980.

The Philosophy of History with Reflections and Aphorisms. New York, 1981.

The Midworld of Symbols and Functioning Objects. New York, 1982.

In Defense of the Psychological. New York, 1983.

B. Published Essays

?The Paradox of Cause.? The Journal of Philosophy 32 (1935): 169-75.

?Accidents will Happen.? The Journal of Philosophy 34 (1937): 121-31.

?Motives for Existentialism.? Comment (Williamstown, Massachusetts) 1 (spring 1948): 3, 7.

Review of Walter A. Kaufmann?s Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist. Williams Alumni Review 43 (1951): 149-50.

?Afterword: The Ahistoric and the Historic.? In José Ortega y Gasset?s History as a System, 237-69. Trans. Helene Weyl. New York, 1961.

?History and Case History.? The American Scholar 49 (1980): 241-43.

?For Idealism.? Journal of Speculative Philosophy 1 (1987): 260-69.

?The Owl.? Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 24 (1988): 399-407.

?On Choosing Right and Wrong.? Idealistic Studies 21 (1992): 74-78.

C. Editorials and Letters to the Editor

??Symposium on New Williams? Termed ?Admirable? By Professor Miller in Reviewing March ?Sketch?.? The Williams Record 50 (3) (28 March 1936): 1-2.

?The Third-Term Issue.? North Adams Transcript (14 September 1940).

?The Third-Term Argument.? North Adams Transcript (19 September 1940).

?The School Question.? Harvard Alumni Bulletin 24 May 1952.

?Professor John Miller Supports Governor Stevenson for President.? Williams Record (22 October 1952).

?The Kissinger conspiracy.? Evening Sentinel (Ansonia CT) (26 July 1971): 4.

?Discovering the Limits of ?Right to Dissent?.? Evening Sentinel (Ansonia CT) (3 September 1970): 4.

?The Practical Life.? Unknown source. 1922-23.

D. Related Collections (Independent of Archives)

?Papers & Letters, 1929-78.? Compiled and edited by Eugene R. Miller. Copyright Eugene R. Miller, 1993.

John William Miller Papers, 1916-1978