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Series I. Specimen Catalogs (1856-1881, n.d.) is arranged alphabetically by the volume's title which refers to the type of specimen listed within: birds, herbarium, mammals, etc. Most catalogs contain only one category of specimen. However, one large volume (volume 1) appears to document the entire holdings of the Lyceum in 1856, including "antiquities and curiosities, corals, crustacea, comparative anatomy, dendrology, geology, insecta, library, mammalia, mineralogy, ova, paleontology, pisces, reptilia, botany," etc. Catalogs generally list an identification number, scientific name, common name, donor and origin of each specimen.

Series II. Administrative Records (1835-1914) is arranged into minutes, account books, and membership lists and reports. The Lyceum's minutes often include the society's constitution and, in the 1855-1888 minute book, a record of the donation of 240 volumes from the society's library to the College. The account books ordinarily contain a listing of membership fees, but sometimes include costs of purchased specimens.

Series III. Miscellaneous (1835-1860) contains a variety of printed and manuscript material regarding the history of the Lyceum and the travels of its members. Included here is a volume of collected articles, addresses and catalogs of the society's holdings. Of note in this volume are an account of the 1835 expedition to Nova Scotia, originally published in the Monthly Traveller, and a reprint account of the 1860 expedition to Greenland, originally published in the Williams Quarterly. Also in this series is the logbook of the Sch. Nautilus, the ship chartered by the Lyceum for their voyage to Greenland and Labrador in 1860, as well as a list of expedition members and collected botanical specimens.

Lyceum of Natural History Records, 1835-1914

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