Thomas Cash Jorling (1940- ) Papers 1963-1988


IV. Environmentalist Career
Box Folder
6 1 "Misc. Letters, etc.," 1966-70.
  2 Personal/ Professional Correspondence, July 1972- June 1973.
  3 " Aug. 1973- Jan. 1974.
  4 " Feb.- June 1974.
  5 " July 1974- Jan. 1975.
  6 " Feb.- May 1975.
  7 " June- Dec. 1975.
  8 " Jan.- May 1976.
  9 " July 1976- Jan. 1977.
  10 " Feb.- May 1977.
Environmental Protection Agency:
Box Folder
6 11 Reprints of Congressional hearing re: Jorling's appointment Assistant Administrator (Water and Hazardous Materials) of the EPA, 1977.
  12 Jorling testimony re: ocean dumping and construction grant allotment program, 1979.
  13 Memos re: Clean Water Act, May- Aug. 1979.
  14 " Sept. 1979- Sept. 1980.
  15 Jorling notes and writings; miscellaneous speeches and articles re: Clean Water Act, c. 1980.
  16 Notes and drafts of Clean Water Act, c. 1980.
  17 Memos and assorted materials re: Liability Act (Superfund) development, 1978-81.
  18 Notes on strategies for getting Liability Act approved, c. 1980.
  19 Draft of Liability Act, assorted materials re: implementation thereof, c. 1980.
  20 Assorted materials re: Liability Act, c. 1980.
Natural Resources Defense Council (General):
Box Folder
6 21 Letters, budgetary notes, and background materials from NRDC and other organizations re: implications of the Gorsuch EPA budget, 1981.
  22 General NRDC plans for the Reagan-Gorsuch era, 1981.
  23 "Alternative Budget Proposals for the Environment, FY 1981 and 1982," compiled by the NRDC, et. al, March 1981.
  24 NRDC-collected speeches on the status of environmentalism under the Reagan administration, 1981-83.
  25 Correspondence and reports re: Clean Air Act, emissions control, and acid rain, 1981-85.
  26 Correspondence, background materials, and Jorling testimony re: Clean Water Act and Ocean Dumping, 1982-83.
  27 Materials re: confirmation of William Ruckleshaus as Administrator of the EPA, c. 1983.
  28 Agenda, minutes, and other materials for Board of Trustees Meetings, 1985.
  29 Materials for a Board of Trustees Executive Committee meeting, April 1985.
  30 Report on focus group discussions commissioned by the NRDC, Sept. 1985.
  31 Sample of NRDC proposed or pending litigation, 1985-86.
  32 Assorted materials and correspondence, 1986.
  33 Agenda, minutes, and other materials for Board of Trustees Meetings, 1986.
NRDC (Five-Year Planning Committee):
Box Folder
6 34 Notes and materials re: goals for developing the Five-Year Plan, c. 1985
  35 Assorted materials re: NRDC recognition and membership, c. 1985.
  36 Project-specific goals, 1985.
  37 Overall organizational proposals, 1985.
  38 Memos re: the Planning Committee, Feb. 1985.
  39 Memos re: Planning Committee and the Five Year Plan, Mar.- April 1985.
  40 Responses to Jorling query re: proposed Plan, April- May 1985.
  41 Memos re: Planning Committee and the Five Year Plan, July- Aug. 1985.
  42 Materials re: Planning, Finance, and Development subcommittee, 1985-86.
  43 Drafts of the Plan, 1985-86.
  44 Memos re: Planning Committee and the Five Year Plan, Jan.- May 1986.
Clean Air Act materials:
Box Folder
7 1 EPA, NRDC, etc. takes on various version of Clean Air Act amendments, c. 1970-73.
  2 Various annotated drafts of Clean Air Act amendments, 1970-73.
  3 Related news clippings, 1970-75.
  4 Correspondence and memos re: Clean Air Act, Jan.- Nov. 1970.
  5 " Dec. 1971- Nov. 1973.
  6 " Feb. 1974- Feb. 1975.
  7 Section-by-section collection of notes, current legislative action, and litigation re: Air Pollution control, Intro- Section 109, c. mid 1970's.
  8 " Sections 110-118, c. mid 1970's.
  9 " Sections 202(b)- 307(a), c. mid 1970's.
  10 Correspondence re: Clean Air Act amendments, 1980-81.
  11 Annotated position papers re: proposed Clean Air Act amendments, c. 1981.
  12 Draft of response to Watt-Gorsuch proposal to amend the Clean Air Act, 1981.
  13 Leon Billings' memo re: Clean Air Act amendments and the Congressional Workbook on the issue, 1981.
  14 Campaign for Clean Air organizational materials, c. 1982.
Clean Water Act materials:
Box Folder
7 15 Committee on Public Works (CPW) memos and drafts re: Clean Water Act and Sewage Disposal, 1969-72.
  16 Correspondence and materials re: Ocean Dumping and Wastewater treatment, April 1972- Sept. 1973.
  17 " Oct. 1973- May 1974.
  18 Correspondence and reports re: Water Pollution Control Program strategy and implementation, 1973-74.
  19 Materials re: Big Piney River (MO) and wastewater treatment standards, 1973-74.
  20 Materials and correspondence re: National Commission on Water Quality, c. 1973-74.
  21 Correspondence, notes, and other materials re: Water Quality Training Institute's New England and Atlanta workshops, 1973-74.
  22 " c. 1973-76.
  23 Notes, correspondence, and reports re: Clean Water Act, c. 1974-75.
  24 Drafts re: 1976 Clean Water Act amendments, c. 1985-86.
  25 Congressional memos re: Clean Water Act, 1977-80.
  26 Background materials on the Clean Water Act, c. 1977-80.
  27 Notes on Water Act amendments, c. 1980-82.
  28 Correspondence and Jorling testimony re: his enforcement of the Clean Water Act during his tenure as Assistant Administrator in the EPA, 1981-82.
  29 Copies of bills, news releases, and Jorling testimony re: Safe Drinking Water Regulatory Reform Act, c. 1981-83.
Waste Disposal and the Water Act materials:
Box Folder
7 30 Jorling-annotated bills to amend the Solid Waste Disposal Act, 1974.
  31 Correspondence and reports re: Water Quality, sewage treatment, etc., 1975-76.
  32 Waste treatment materials, 1978-79.
  33 Construction Grant Program allotment formula, 1979-80.
  34 Waste treatment materials, 1985-86.
Transportation materials:
Box Folder
8 1 Materials and correspondence re: Supersonic Transportation (SST), c. 1970.
  2 Jorling writings and testimony re: SST funding and development, c. 1970-71.
  3 Proposal to NSF for "Transportation and Air Control Study," to be held at Williams College, 1973.
  4 Correspondence re: "Transportation and Air Control Study" conference, 1973-74.
  5 Sample of U.S. Department of Transportation news releases, 1973-75.
  6 Jorling notes for "Transportation and Air Control" workshop, 1974.
  7 Sample of workshop papers, 1974.
  8 Notes on NEPA and Federal Highway Act Activities, c. 1975.
Toxics and Asbestos Workers'/Occupational Disease Acts:
Box Folder
8 9 Correspondence and materials re: toxic pollutant definition and control, 1972-75.
  10 " c. 1979-86.
  11 Draft bill of "Asbestos Workers' Recovery Act," Nov. 1983.
  12 Section-by-section summary of the "Asbestos Workers' Recovery Act," Dec. 1983.
  13 Printing of House bill "Occupational Disease Compensation Act of 1983," May 1983.
  14 Short essays (authorship uncertain) calling for compensation for "victims of asbestos-related diseases," c. 1983.
  15 Correspondence, notes, and outline by Jorling re: "AWRA," 1983-84.
Liability Act (Superfund):
Box Folder
8 16 Correspondence and notes re: Liability Act, c. 1980.
  17 Memos and notes re: Liability Act re-authorization, c. 1983-84.
  18 Legal updates, 1983-84.
  19 Correspondence and materials re: cost-benefit analysis and site clean-up, c. 1984.
Regarding Reagan Administration and EPA:
Box Folder
8 20 Articles, speeches, and studies re: future of the environmental movement in the wake of Reagan's election in 1980, 1981-82.
  21 Correspondence and materials re: risk analysis, including essay by Langdon Winner with comments by Jorling, c. 1983.
  22 Correspondence and materials re: risk analysis under Reagan's EPA, c. 1986.
Other Correspondence:
Box Folder
8 23 Jorling's Contacts file, c. 1970-75.
  24 Background materials and proposal to the Ecological Society of America for establishing an Executive Director's office, c. 1968.
  25 Correspondence file on Dr. Lamont C. Cole, Chair of Cornell's Dept. of Ecology and Systematics/Biological Sciences, 1968.
  26 Corespondance file on Dr. S.I. Auerbach (Ecological Society of America), c. 1968-69.
  27 Corespondance file on Dr. F. Herbert Bormann (Yale School of Forestry) and Dr. George Woodwell (Brookhaven National Laboratory), c. 1968-69.
  28 Corespondance file on John E. Conlon, President of the Ecological Society of America, 1968-69.
  29 Correspondence and materials from Ecology Action, 1968-69.
  30 Correspondence file on Frank Golley, Executive Director of the Institute of Ecology, 1968-69.
  31 Corespondance file on John B. Oakes, Editor of the New York Times' Editorial page, 1968-69.
  32 Corespondance file on Gordon Harrison, Program Officer with the Ford Foundation, 1969.
  33 Correspondence and proposal re: foundation of a National Institute of Ecology, 1969.
  34 Memos re: Land Use Policy regulations, 1969-70.
  35 Notes and background materials re: the Navigation Act, c. 1970.
  36 Clippings on Public Works Enhancement, c. 1970.
  37 Assorted memos and papers re: Jorling's Senate committee service, c. 1970-71.
  38 Memos of the U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works and Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution (some written by Jorling), 1970-72.
  39 Memos and correspondence re: energy usage, 1971-75.
  40 Letter and annotated report from "Massachusetts Tomorrow" entitled "A Planning Agenda to Achieve Social Justice and Environmental Quality," c. 1972.
  41 Speeches by Leon Billings, Senator Edmund Muskie, and Gus Speth, 1972-74.
  42 Vermont-related land use materials, 1973-76.
  43 Correspondence file on Walt Westman, Univ. of Queenland Dept. of Botany, 1974.
  44 Corespondance file on Hoosic River Basin Citizens' Environmental Protection Association, 1974.
  45 Corespondance file on INFORM, c. 1974.
  46 Correspondence re: poorly-received proposal for an Institute for Congress (copy of proposal included), c. 1975.
  47 Correspondence, memos, etc. re: EPA enforcement and rule-making, 1975-76.
  48 Letter of thanks to Jorling for serving on Carter's Council on Environmental Quality, 1981.
  49 Background materials on the impacts of technological developments, including paper by Michael McPherson, c. 1983.
  50 Materials re: World Resources Institute "Global Possible" conference, 1983-84.
  51 Correspondence, papers, etc. re: nuclear proliferation and atomic energy, c. 1984-86.
  52 Materials and correspondence re: Boston Harbor clean-up, c. 1985.
  53 Papers given to Jorling on agriculture and ozone depletion, c. 1986.
  54 Materials re: meeting of the Environmental and Energy Study Committee, 1986.
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