Thomas Cash Jorling (1940- ) Papers 1963-1988


III. Authored Documents
Box Folder
5 1 Assorted materials re: Jorling's writings, 1972-75.
  2 Notes on journals and Jorling writings (for a C.V.?), c. 1980.
  3 Letters pertaining to a request by the journal Governance for an article by Jorling on the "economics of environmental protection," 1983.
Box Folder
5 4 Practice brief written by Jorling in College, 1963.
  5 Practice brief on race, religion, and adoption, co-written by Jorling, 1964.
  6 Memos by Attorney-Advisor Jorling re: waters acts, c. 1966.
  7 Brief for the U.S. on a fur company case, 1967.
  8 M.S. Thesis in Botany at Washington State University, "An Analysis of the Vegetation of Rock Creek National Park, Washington, D.C.," 1969.
  9 "Information, the Tax Law, and the Legislative Process," published in the Oregon Law Review, April 1969.
  10 Various versions of "The Public Corporation and Social Responsibility," c. 1970.
  11 "Benefits and Costs- A Constraint," (Jorling paper?), c. 1972.
  12 Correspondence, draft, and commentary re: chapter "The Federal Law of Air Pollution," c. 1973.
  13 Draft (with commentary) and text of "State Decision-Making Under Federal Pollution Control Law" for the Energy Policy Project, 1973.
  14 Correspondence re: and edited manuscript of Jorling presentation on "Biological Integrity" to the EPA for possible publication in a proposed policy journal, 1975.
  15 Later version of "State Decision-Making Under Federal Pollution Control Law," 1975.
  16 Various versions of article "Incorporating Ecological Principles into Public Policy," one published in Environmental Policy and Law, c. 1976.
  17 Chapter entitled "Agriculture and the Environment," c. 1978.
  18 Foreword to Ecology Law Quarterly, "Hazardous Waste Regulation Under the New Administration- Braking Past Progress," 1981.
  19 Materials, correspondence and draft of paper on the Regulatory Reform Act of 1981, "Regulatory Reform: Congress May Be Delegating Itself Out of a Job," 1981.
  20 "Alternatives in a Time of Change," chapter in New England Prospects, 1982.
  21 Paper "Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," c. 1982.
  22 Drafts and background materials for "Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," c. 1982.
  23 Paper "The Myth of Corporate Responsibility," c. 1982.
  24 Draft of paper "Risk Assessment: Dissent from a Former User," c. 1982.
Editorial Pieces:
Box Folder
5 25 Jorling editorial pieces in the New York Times, 1970-72.
  26 Assorted letters to the Editor and responses to the replies of others, 1972-74.
  27 Proposed Op-Ed piece on Jimmy Carter, submitted to the New York Times, 1977.
  28 Jorling editorial on acid rain in New England in the Berkshire Eagle, March 1982.
Box Folder
5 29 Invitations (and thanks) to Jorling for various speaking engagements, 1969-70.
  30 " 1971.
  31 " 1972-74.
  32 Notes on speech to Notre Dame University on species preservation and dealing with governments, c. early 1970's.
  33 "Land Use in Boston," c. 1970.
  34 Transcript of forum session on "The Law and the Environment," c. 1971.
  35 Congressional floor statement on working to develop environmental values, proposal to create state non-profit corporations to implement projects with an environmental bent, 1971.
  36 Notes for speech to the Water Pollution Control Federation, March 1972.
  37 Q & A session with the Hoosatonic River Valley Association on the Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972, July 1973.
  38 Edited transcripts in which Jorling comments on colleagues' papers Water and Air Pollution Acts, c. 1973.
  39 Notes re: presentation to the American Law Institute/ American Bar Association joint committee, c. 1973.
  40 Correspondence and notes re: "Specific Program Elements of Concern in the 1972 [Federal Water Pollution Control] Act," delivered to the Housatonic Valley Association, 1973.
  41 Radio station WBEC transcripts of sessions by Jorling, Hank Art, Bill Moomaw, and Jay Shelton on the energy crisis, subsequent articles in the Berkshire Eagle and Bennington Banner, 1974.
  42 Notes for possible speech "A User's Perception," 1974.
  43 Notes, correspondence, and background cases for lecture on land use and protection policy to the League of Women Voters, Nov. 1974.
  44 Notes for Jorling speech on law and human reason, c. mid 1970's.
  45 Text and notes for speech "Legislative Control of Technology" to Brown University, c. 1975.
  46 Correspondence re: and edited transcript of talk on "Ecological Interpretation and Law" given to a colloquium sponsored by the Conservation and Research Foundation, c. 1975.
  47 Notes for speech "Federal Environmental Regulatory Legislation," c.1976.
  48 Jorling speech or essay re: government avoidance of law, c. 1976.
  49 Notes and programs for Jorling speech "Proposed Legislative Changes in the Clean Air Act and Federal Water Pollution Control Act" to the National Association of Attorneys-General, March 1976.
  50 Notes for guest lecture on "Human Ecology" to Bob Freidrich's Sociology 102 class, Spring 1976.
  51 Notes for general environmental status talk given to West Coast Williams alumni, c. 1980.
  52 Address to the Conference on Clean Water, entitled "A Loss of Vision-Will it be the Legacy of the 1980's?" c. 1980.
  53 Notes for overview talk on the political and scientific issues of the environmental movement, c. 1980.
  54 Sigma Xi lecture, 1981.
  55 Testimony re: Clean Water Act to Congressional committees, 1981-82.
  56 Notes, correspondence, and background material for speech "Conflicts Over Private Use of Public Land," Aiken Lecture Series, University of Vermont (Burlington), 1982.
  57 Notes for talk on benefit-cost analysis, c. 1982-83.
  58 Correspondence re: and text of speech on "Ocean Dumping," 1982-83.
  59 Correspondence, background materials, and text of "Land-Based Pollution: The Greatest Challenge," delivered to Smithsonian Institute conference "The Seas About Us," 1983.
  60 Correspondence, notes, and bound materials re: Jorling speech on waste management and the proposed Metropolitan Water Resources Authority in Boston, 1983.
  61 Paper "An Overview of the Federal Air and Water Pollution Program," delivered to the Wilson Center conference "The Evolution of American Environmental Politics," c. 1984.
  62 Talk "The Future of Ocean Disposal of Public Waste," delivered as the 13th Annual MIT Sea Grant Lecture, c. 1985.
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