Series List

Series I, Mark Hopkins Papers, 1814-1940 , is subdivided into four categories, Family Correspondence, College and Business Correspondence, Writings and Lectures, and Miscellaneous Papers.

Family Correspondence is largely to and from Mark's parents, brothers, and wife and is dominated by accounts of health, travel, and daily events. Mark's youngest daughter edited and published many of these letters in Early Letters of Mark Hopkins, and Others From His Brother and Their Mother: A Picture of Life in New England from 1770-1857. (New York, 1929).

College and Business Correspondence includes all letters pertaining to Mark's roles as college president, chair of the American Board of Foreign Missions, noted lecturer, author, minister, and Christian philosopher. No distinction has been made between non-family personal and business correspondence, because all of the letters reflect one of these six "business" interests in some fashion. A series of letters largely theological in nature to and from Rev. James McCosh has been bound and is found in Volume 1. This correspondence was subsequently printed in Appendix C of the 3rd edition (New York, 1871) of The Law of Love and Love as a Law.

Writings and Lectures contain Mark's sermons and lecture notes, as well as his senior thesis for the Berkshire Medical Institution. Mark's hand-written lectures for the Lowell Lectures Series have been bound and are found in Volume 2.

Miscellaneous Papers contains a wide variety of material. The clippings and memorial notices give an illuminating picture of Hopkins as seen by his contemporaries and also include his reminiscences of Williams in the 1830's.

II. Albert Hopkins Papers
III. Family Papers