Series Descriptions

The Hopkins Family Papers, 1745-1930 , contain the personal letters of various members of the Hopkins family and the personal and business papers of Mark Hopkins (1802-1887) and his brother, Albert Hopkins (1807-1872). Mark Hopkins' business papers reflect his significant involvement in matters of education, philosophy, morality, and especially Christianity. Mark's life intertwined these various interests to such an extent that a letter which here has been categorized as "business" might in fact contain an acknowledgment of a donation to the college, moral advice to an alumnus and an intricate theological argument. Albert Hopkins' surviving papers reflect his keen interest in the physical sciences, which dominated the course of his professional career. Family Papers contain various journals, papers, and letters from five generations of the extended Hopkins family. This material is largely personal in nature and provides a revealing glimpse of the social and moral world of nineteenth-century Berkshire County. The collection is organized into three series: Mark Hopkins Papers , Albert Hopkins Papers , and Family Papers .