Scope and Content Note

The DONALD C. GIFFORD PAPERS, 1948-1998, were donated in several parts. Initially a series of papers regarding Prof. Gifford's research and work concerning the Shakers and unrelated writings was accessioned. The majority of Prof. Gifford's files were included in a later donation. These had been arranged by Prof. Gifford into three series: ACADEMIA, CORRESPONDENCE and WRITINGS. A fourth series, SUBJECT AND RESEARCH, was added at the Archivist's discretion, as numerous files did not pertain to the original three series.

Series I. ACADEMIA, 1951-1998, has been arranged into two divisions: papers relating to courses and papers relating to campus and administrative matters. The first division, COURSES, contains materials regarding classes Prof. Gifford taught during his career at Williams. These generally consist of class lists, notes, papers written by students, grades, exams, and so on. These files are organized alphabetically and then numerically by course. These include courses in English, American Civilization, Environmental Science, and Winter Study classes. The second category, CAMPUS AND ADMINISTRATIVE, is composed of materials pertaining to Prof. Gifford's involvement in college matters, such as committees and departmental affairs.

Series II. CORRESPONDENCE, 1955-1998, when accessioned, was separated into two divisions: GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE and RECOMMENDATIONS (restricted access). GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE includes letters and e-mails between Prof. Gifford and colleagues, family members and friends. There are also letters regarding Prof. Gifford's writings and publications. The majority of this division is organized chronologically except for correspondences Prof. Gifford filed separately due to importance and size.

Series III. SUBJECT AND RESEARCH, 1948-1998, contains notes, articles, and other materials relating to assorted topics. These files are arranged alphabetically. The majority of these materials pertain to specific authors, books, or subjects Prof. Gifford studied extensively such as metaphors, James Joyce and art. These were frequently used for his lectures, seminars and classes.

Series IV. WRITINGS, 1948-1998, includes lectures, essays, book reviews, poetry, short stories, and journals kept by Prof. Gifford.

Don Gifford Papers, 1851-1993, n.d.

Don Gifford

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