Series List

  1. Correspondence & Speeches, 1853-1885,1951 contains letters to, from and regarding Garfield, as well as speeches which he made in the 1870s. Correspondence, which is arranged chronologically, includes letters from Garfield to Col. Daniel Garfield and Horace Scudder, correspondence between Garfield and Mark Hopkins and Paul A. Chadbourne, Garfield's letters from Williams College, and 1855 letters regarding college secret societies.

  2. Visual Material comprises portraits of the Garfield family and other contemporary figures, including Sgt. John A. Mason, who attempted to kill Charles Guiteau while on duty at a Washington jail. This series also contains views relating to Garfield's life, such as Garfield working on the canal, the White House, etc.

  3. Campaign & Inauguration Material contains cards, stickers, puzzles, ribbons, cartoons, programs, etc. concerning the Democratic and Republican campaigns, the interregnum, and Garfield's inauguration as President. Additional material may be found in series V. Sheet Music and VI. Scrapbooks & Newspapers.

  4. Assassination & Memorial Material includes prints, clippings, cartoons, poetry, ribbons, announcements, etc. regarding Garfield's death. Included is material concerning Charles Guiteau, such as samples of the ropes used in his execution, and the Garfield Monument. Further materials are located in series V. Sheet Music and VI. Scrapbooks & Newspapers.

  5. Sheet Music comprises published music from or about the 1880 Democratic and Republican campaigns, Garfield's inauguration, assassination and funeral.

  6. Scrapbooks & Newspapers contains six volumes of newspaper clippings, prints and cartoons (1862-1890), another scrapbook documenting Garfield's assassination and death, and issues of newspapers following the tenure, sickness and death of the President.

  7. Artifacts

James A. Garfield (1831-1881) Collection, 1853-1890, 1951

James A. Garfield