Processed by: Sarah Marek and Karen D. Drickamer, May 1982

Edited by: S.B. Kennick, Dec. 1990

Total Volume: 14 boxes: 3.5 linear feet

Provenance: The bulk of the James A. Garfield Collection was originally collected by Alfred Clark Chapin (Williams Class of 1869) and incorporated into six scrapbooks. After microfilming the scrapbooks, material was removed from these volumes and organized. (A copy of the microfilm is available in the Archives.) Originally organized in 1982, the Collection was reorganized and additional material integrated in 1991. (The 1982 inventory is located in the Collection's accession folder.) Integrated into the Chapin collection in 1982 and 1990 were: letters from Miscellaneous Manuscripts and other manuscript collections; photocopies of JAG letters (1855) to George M. Guernsey donated by Barclay H. Trippe Jr. in 1990; an 1857 letter from JAG to Horace Scudder, the gift of Henry N. Flynt (Class of 1916); various programs donated by Mrs. J.J. Zoller; pages from newspapers regarding the inauguration and death of JAG received from Henry Flynt, Jr. in 1990; accessions #0-534, a scrapbook, and #0-320, 1881 newspapers, donations from unknown sources; as well as other letters, cards, etc. also of undetermined history. All material integrated into the Chapin scrapbook collection is inscribed with its original location or source.

Copyright: Williams College Archives
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James A. Garfield (1831-1881) Collection, 1853-1890, 1951

James A. Garfield

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