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The Gilbert Wolf Gabriel (1903-1952) Papers include various drafts and author’s copies of works written by Gabriel. These include plays and short stories as well as working copies of some of his novels. Each piece was placed in a folder for the purposes of separation and organization. These folders are grouped based on their form and filed alphabetically. Where possible, articles that may be part of known collections belonging to other institutions have a notation listing where further information can be found. To facilitate access to Gabriel’s work, a title index is available as Appendix A. Extensive information about Gabriel’s background, especially relating to his time at Williams, can be gathered from the Archives alumni file.

Series I. Journal contains an account of Gabriel’s travels in Europe . Opening with his and his “companion’s” departure from Paris on August 7 th, each entry is a brief recap of the day, including commentary on the various misadventures of their trip. Entries include discussion of the climbing of Mt. Blanc , seeing the Valley of the Rhone , traveling the mountains of Switzerland , and evenings spent in various Swiss towns. The final entry marks their arrival at Audermatt approximately twenty days into their journey. The year of this trip is not cited in the journal.

Series II. I, James Lewis Scrapbook contains various clippings, maps, and pages from books that Gabriel gathered in reference to Alaska and Canada . Also included are a number of hand drawn sketches as well as map coordinates. When compared to his work I, James Lewis it appears that it is a scrapbook gathered in preparation for writing the most well known of his longer works. It also includes the anticipated last words of the novel.

Series III. Plays and Novels includes the working and complete copies of the full-length plays and published works that are part of the collection. These include plays that were in various stages of editing or still in the development process. Any of the items here may have changed title before the final stages. As such it is difficult to tell whether some of these items are related to others in the collection. When items have a similar title they are placed near or together in the filing system, even if they are not in the same development stage.

Series IV. Short Stories collects numerous copies of Gabriel’s short stories that were published in different periodicals or collections. There are multiple copies of some of these stories, but the copies have been left in the sets in which they were. Each set has its own organization. Also included in this series are two shorter works. The first was never published and is a handwritten short story entitled The Plague which Gabriel dedicates to his father on his 46 th birthday. The second is a image printout of his children’s book, titled My Dobbin (1916), downloaded from the Children’s Books Online: the Rosetta Project, on 6/24/2004.

Gilbert Wolf Gabriel (1903-1952) Papers

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