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The Orlando Marcellus Fernald Papers, 1861-1902 contain the professional papers of Orlando M. Fernald (1840-1902), college administrator and professor of Greek at Williams College from 1872 to 1902. The collection has been divided into two series: Academic Records, and Miscellaneous Papers. In addition, the Papers include three indices to information in the collection on College life, individuals, and school schedules.

Series I. Academic Records, 1872-1902, comprises 44 gradebooks and loose records. The gradebooks contain Fernald's grades for students in his Greek classes, and include rank lists, lesson assignments, conditions and warnings. The loose records also contain grades, rank lists, etc. but provide this information for courses in Greek, Mathematics, Latin, Chemistry, Botany, History, English, German, French, Physics, etc.

Series II. Miscellaneous Papers contains attendance records, chapel membership information, correspondence, notes, etc. from 1861 to 1895. Additional class attendance records may be found in gradebooks 26, 37-39; and chapel attendance records in gradebooks 7, 16-17, 19-21, and 23. Students were graded on their class attendance, and attendance at daily chapel was mandatory; thus these records were kept for disciplinary purposes. Chapel membership records include primarily membership transfer notices for students and faculty who entered the Williams community in 1883. Correspondence and notes contain communications written to Fernald from other Williams faculty members concerning student grades and individuals with academic difficulties.

Appendix A. provides an index of notes made by Fernald occuring throughout the collection. These notes record such activities as meetings, vandalism, student disturbances, cheating, etc.

Appendix B. comprises an index of references made throughout the Papers for faculty, students and others.

Appendix C. contains an index to bell, prayer and course schedules from 1875-1898.

Orlando Marcellus Fernald (1840-1902) Papers, 1861-1902

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