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Series II. Career

Subseries A. Chronological files commence with Whiteman's work in San Francisco, and move on to cover the breadth of his activity in recording, concerts, tours, films, radio and television. These files include such items as: pay scale information from the 1920s (see Palais Royale), notes from an interview with Michael Feinstein (see Aeolian Hall concert), an essay regarding the recording of the "Concerto in F" (see Columbia Records), a photocopied 1932 letter from Whiteman to a journalist regarding his daily activities (see Whiteman in NYC), discussions of the court case over the appellation 'King of Jazz' (see Recording activities, etc.), an interview with Bartell (see Chesterfield radio series), photocopied correspondence from the War Department regarding Whiteman's aid (see Band dates), a letter regarding the Whiteman-Crosby relationship and an ABC poll regarding Whiteman's radio style (see Whiteman as network DJ), a photocopied 1959 letter of thanks from President Dwight D. Eisenhower (see Concerts in the 1950s), and photocopied correspondence with Crosby and Bargy (see 50th anniversary LP album).

Subseries B. Individuals (material from 1919-1995)
Subseries C. General (material from 1922-1983)

Thomas A. Delong Research Files, 1908-1995

Paul Whiteman
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