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1 1 Economics 1-2 (Principles of economic theory, Prof. D.T. Clark and W.W. McLaren)
        Notebook, fall 1928-spring 1929

2 Economics 3-4 (Economic history, Prof. D.R. Clark)
        Notebook, handout, essay: Early national land system of the United States, fall 1929-spring 1930

3 Economics 5 (Money and banking, Prof. W.B. Smith)
        Notebook, handout/syllabus, essay: The Federal Reserve Board on the stock market, fall 1929

4 Economics 7-8 (Modern economic problems, Profs. W.B. Smith and W.W.McLaren)
        Notebook, esams, essay: Wool and the woolen industry, fall 1930-spring 1931

5 Economics 10 (Labor questions and labor legislation, Prof. Latham)
        Notebook, assignments, final exam, essay: Personnel management, spring 1931

6 Economics 12 (Government and business, Prof. W.W. McLaren)
        Notebook, exams, spring 1931

7 English 1-2 (English and American literature, Prof. E.G. Buehler)
        Notebook, handouts, notes, fall 1929-spring 1930

8 English 11 (The modern drama)
    Essay: The drama of George Farquhar, winter 1931

9 English 13 (The modern novel, Prof. C.L. Maxcy)
        Notebook, fall 1930-winter 1931

10 History 6 (Advanced European history, Prof. Birdsall)
        Exam, spring 1931

11 Mathematics 3 (Elementary calculus)
        Exam, winter 1929

12 Philosophy 1 (Psychology, Prof. J.W. Miller)
        Notebook, fall 1929

13 Philosophy 2 (Ethics)
    Outline notes, n.d.

14 Political Science 1-2 (Comparative government, Profs. J.P. Comer and T. Taylor)
        Notebook, fall 1928-spring 1929

15 Political Science 3-4 (American Constitutional principles: political theory and practice, Prof. Doughty)
        Notebook, exam, winter-spring 1931
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2 1 Political Science 5 (Public Opinion, Prof. P.N. Odegard)
        Notebook, handout, n.d.

2 Political Science 6 (Public administration, Prof. J.P. Comer)
        Notebook, handout/syllabus, winter-spring 1930

3 Statistics 1-2 (Theory and method of statistics, Mathematics of finance, Prof. E.I. Shepard)
        Notebook, problem set, n.d.

4 Misc. essay: The meaning of a liberal education, n.d.

5 Misc. essay: The trade and fortunes of the Hanseatic League, 1929

6 Misc. essays, n.d.

7 Misc. collected essay: The iron and steel industry of the United States, by John S. Arscott, n.d.

Samuel Kenneth Dee Papers, 1928-1931, n.d.