Biographical Chronology

N.B. TND = Thomas Nelson Dale

1845 TND is born on Nov. 25 in New York City to Thomas Nelson and Sarah Patten (Monson) Dale.
1850-61 TND Sr. lives in Paris where TND attends primary school.
1856-57 TND studies at an independent school in Frankfort-on- the-Main.
1860 TND participates in a geological expedition, traveling throughout Scandinavia, which is lead by Dr. Karl A. Zittel. Zittel is a prominent paleontologist who will become a professor at the Carlsruhe Polytechnic and the Univ. of Munich, as well as director of the University's Paleontological Museum.
1861 TND takes up residence in the U.S. and receives further education in Northampton, MA at the Williston Seminary and perhaps with private tutors.
c.1862-69 TND works for his father's silk manufacturing company which is located in Patterson, NJ.
1870 TND receives mathematical instruction at Cambridge University and conducts a stratigraphic expedition in the Rhaetic Alps.
1874 TND marries Margaret Brown on Dec. 22. The couple will have six children: Sarah, Norman Brown, Nelson Clark, Oswald, Margaret and Arthur.
1877-78 TND becomes a teacher of natural sciences at Drury College and Vassar College.
1880 TND is hired by the United States Geological Survey. He is stationed at Newport, RI under Professor Raphael Pumpelly.
1880-92 TND continues to work for the U.S.G.S. with a one year break to teach in Toronto.
1892 TND is named geologist with the U.S.G.S. As a result he is transferred to Massachusetts and settles in Pittsfield. He is largely involved in gathering information on the region for the purpose of producing geological maps.
1893-1901 TND teaches geology and later botany (1897-1901) at Williams College.
1920 TND retires from the U.S.G.S.
1937 TND dies on Nov. 16 in Pittsfield, MA.

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