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Series III. Scholarship

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9 ?Bento Ceveno? article, n.d.
  10 Brown Article: ? ?The Double-Tongued Deceiver?: Sincerity and Duplicity in the Novels of Charles Brockden Brown? [Early American Literature: A Collection of Critical Essays ( Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1980, pp. 133-57], 1972-74, 78
  11 Freneau/Brackenridge for Pitt Magazine (Pitt Founder Co-author of First American Novel) [Pitt, August 1976], 1975-76
  12 GARP [?Avoiding ?the Most Hideous Questions? About Our Own Nature: Our Eager Response to ?Garp? Tells Us About Ourselves,? The Chronicle Review (March 5, 1979)], 1978-79
  13 Hawthorne Article [?The Young Minister and the Puritan Fathers: A Note on History in The Scarlet Letter,? Nathaniel Hawthorne Journal, 1 (1971), 159-68)], 1970-71
  14 Irving Article (The Romantic Writer and the American Past: A Note on Washington Irving), 1969-70
  15 Literature and Cultural History: A Model for ?Literary? American Studies (writers/deviant article), 1978
  16 Melville & ?Romance?: Literary Nationalism and Literary Form ? ATQ Genve Symposium Paper [American Transcendental Quarterly, No. 24 (Fall, 1974) 56-62], 1972-73,
  17 ?Nationalistic Nakedness?, Berkshire Review Essay, 1975, n.d.
  18 Pierre Article (The Glendinning Heritage) [?The Glendinning Heritage: Melville?s Literary Borrowings in Pierre,? Studies in Romanticism, 12 (1973), 741-62], 1971-74
  19 Redburn Article [?Melville?s Redburn: Initiation and Authority,? New England Quarterly, 46 (1973), 558-72], 1971-74
  20 Some Things That ?Happen? (More or Less) in Gravity?s Rainbow, n.d.

Michael Davitt Bell (1941-1997) Papers, 1962-1997

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