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Series III. Research and collected materials

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3 9 Bishops: lists of bishops of England and articles on various bishop appointments
  10 Excerpts, essays, letters pertaining to History, Philosophy and the stock market
  11 Notes from J.A. Godley, Lord Kilbracken
  12 Negative of E.W. Hamilton portrait
  13 The Quest for a Principle of Authority in Europe 1715 ? Present: Selected Problems in Historical Interpretation, Thomas C. Mendenhall, Basil D. Henning, Archibald S, Foord. College textbook with notes.
  14 Tony Benn. Report and survey of the condition and organization of Tony Benn?s political archives, and The Commonwealth of Britain Bill
  15 Misc. notes and questions
  16 Miscellaneous papers, pamphlets, programs, photograph of Bahlman in war uniform
  17 James Phinney Baxter, 3rd Professor of History and Public Affairs Emeritus award
4   Hamilton diary: Secretarial staff, EWH?s health, Footnotes, Persons and places, Mr. G in diary, Diary and journalizing, General, EWH (Edward William Hamilton).
    Dec?d (Deceased) Wife?s Sister
    Church patronage
    Eccles. Disc (Ecclesiastical discipline, Clergy Discipline Act 1840)
    Anglican Church before 19th century
    Authority and JC of PC (Judicial Committee of the Privy Council)
    High Church
    Increase of Episcopate
    Marylebone, times, income
    Roman Catholics
    Kilbracken and Morley
    Newbery and distrust of SRM (Synod Reform Movement)
5   Look up
    Papal aggression
    PWRA (Public Worship Act)
    Bennett and Russell
    Blomfield?s Bill 1847-1850 ? rel. (religious) bills
    Ritual Commission 1867--first report
    Book notes
    Biographies, Church and State
6   Books to look at
    Boumen course biblio.
    Bouman course reading
    Br. LaL Gov?t (British Labor Left Government)
    Ger. (German) Socialist Legislation
    Kent biblio.
    Kent reading
    Lorenzo Medici
    Pierson biblio.
    Pierson reading
    Biblio. Pur. (Puritan) diary
    Puritan diaries
    R. (Robert) Recorde
    Peter Wentworth
    Health and sanitation
    Poor Law - chron. (chronology)
    College pamphlets
    Exeter difficulties 1845
    Evangelicalism and conversion
    Bps (Bishops) and Franchise Bill 1864
7   Annual accounts
    Primary works
    Secondary works
    Book notes
    Books ? England
    Books not in Y.L. (Yale Library)
    People ? by name
    Clergy societies
    New Haven
    Places ? England
    Proclamations chron.
    Questions: K. Williams, Parl., Minor, Stage, Athenian
    Look up
    Words def.
    Second draft
8   Shortened services and Alhanasian Creed also Ritual commission
    Articles on ritualism and Church courts
    Misc. ritual cases
    Gorham case
    Parl. (Parliamentary) papers
    E.C.U. ( English Church Union)
    Soc. Hist. Guilt (Social History Guild?)
    Parliamentary subjects
    Eccles Comm.
    Hampden Appt.
    Court of Delegates
    Essays and reviews
    Late 19th century
    Oxford/Cambr. ( Cambridge) elections
    Church property and income
    Diaries in micro. (microfilm) etc.
    Palm. (Palmerston) and Religious Societies Case
  Deanery of Windsor
    Irish Church Bill
    J.C. of P.C. (Judicial Committee of the Privy Council)
    Saint George?s in the East
    Saint George?s in the East
    Westerton vs. Liddell
    Martin vs. Mackonochie
    Stubbs and esp. Eccl. Court Comm.
9   Church patronage
    Anglican Church 19th Century
    Mr. Gladstone ?
    Ch. patronage chron. (Church patronage chronology)

Dudley W. R. Bahlman (1923 - 2000) Papers, ca. 1940 - 1998

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