Series Description

Series VIII.
  Daniel and Frances Walker Williams Emma's uncle and aunt, raised her following the death of her mother. Their papers, 1833-1900, comprise correspondence to both Daniel and "Aunt Fanny" from family members regarding general matters of health, personal news and financial affairs. Financial records include household account books, miscellaneous financial and legal papers relating to Daniel's banking career in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and two folders of receipts for household goods and services that provide a glimpse of the lifestyle they enjoyed. Miscellaneous papers include certificates awarded Daniel in appreciation of his largesse, collected poetry and religious passages, broadsides, pamphlets and programs, and a folder of recipes.
I. Samuel Chapman Armstrong
II. Emma Walker Armstrong
III. Mary Alice Ford Armstrong
IV. William and Louise Scoville
V. Edith Armstrong Talbot
VI. Richard and Clarissa Chapman Armstrong
VII. George and Harriet Hull Walker
IX. Armstrong family
X. Walker/Williams family
XI. Photographs