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Series VI.
  Richard and Clarissa Chapman Armstrong were the parents of Samuel Chapman Armstrong and their papers span the years 1826-1890. Richard's papers include a journal of his voyage to the Sandwich Islands as a newlywed in 1831 as well as manuscripts contemplating the native population he encountered throughout his lifetime of work as missionary and educator. Other papers include correspondence from family and friends regarding secular and spiritual matters, sermons and addresses, editorials, and hymns. Clarissa's papers include her essay, "Story of a Cannibal Chair," the autobiographical "Story of a Mountain Girl," miscellaneous legal and personal papers and a folder of biographical material concerning both her husband and herself. A scrapbook among Samuel Armstrong's "Hawaii" papers includes a series of Clarissa's articles entitled "Sketches of Mission Life." Richard and Clarissa's letters to Samuel Chapman Armstrong may be found in Samuel's Personal Papers.
I. Samuel Chapman Armstrong
II. Emma Walker Armstrong
III. Mary Alice Ford Armstrong
IV. William and Louise Scoville
V. Edith Armstrong Talbot
VII. George and Harriet Hull Walker
VIII. Daniel and Frances Walker Williams
IX. Armstrong family
X. Walker/Williams family
XI. Photographs