Series Description

Series III.
  Mary Alice Ford Armstrong was Samuel Chapman Armstrong's second wife. Her papers, 1888-1918, include correspondence from Armstrong, family and friends, and a small portion of collected and miscellaneous personal papers. Armstrong's growing affection for Ms. Ford is apparent in the progress of his letters, which begin with discussions of Hampton affairs and teaching, and become more intimate as they progress through courtship and marriage. Also included here are correspondence from family and friends regarding general family and personal matters, congratulations on Mary's engagement to Armstrong and on the birth of their children, and letters of sympathy upon Armstrong's death.
I. Samuel Chapman Armstrong
II. Emma Walker Armstrong
IV. William and Louise Scoville
V. Edith Armstrong Talbot
VI. Richard and Clarissa Chapman Armstrong
VII. George and Harriet Hull Walker
VIII. Daniel and Frances Walker Williams
IX. Armstrong family
X. Walker/Williams family
XI. Photographs