Scope and Content

The Nils Anderson, Jr. (1914- ) Collection, 1888-1986 , documents Anderson's personal interests as a prominent businessman in the U. S. and Latin America. Consisting primarily of materials and some personal notes and observations, the Nils Anderson Collection concerns itself with the economic and social development of several Latin American countries from the late nineteenth century to the 1980's. Albeit attention is given to numerous countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Honduras, the bulk of the material concentrates on Panama and the construction of the Panama Canal, including its economic and strategic importance. The collection is divided into three series: the first series, Latin American Countries, is arranged alphabetically by country; the second series, General Latin America, comprises miscellaneous materials regarding Latin America in general; Miscellaneous, the third series, includes material unassociated or only indirectly associated with Latin America.

Nils Anderson, Jr. (1914-2000) Papers, 1888-1988