Biographical Chronology

Born 28 January in Plainfield, NJ, the son of Mr. And Mrs. Nils Anderson.
Attends Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ and the Loomis School.
Works for Koppers CO. during the summers.
Graduates from Williams College, where he was captain of the track team, business manager of the Gul, and a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity; marries Jean Derby Francis.
Works for the Bakelite Corp. in their research laboratories pioneering the sale of resin adhesives.
Serves as Director of Debevoise-Andeson Co., Inc. (an iron and coke firm established by his father in 1905).
Has four sons: Nils III (1940), Derby Ferris (1942), Stephens Massie (1945), and Ward Reynolds (1946).
Works in the Chemical Division of the War Production Board.
1942 Begins his position as Chief of the Adhesives Unit of the War Production Board.
Serves as Chief of the Plastics Section of the War Production Board's Chemical Bureau; serves as Government Presiding Officer of eight adhesives and plastics industry advisory committees, and as a chemical division advisor to the Department of Agriculture.
Serves as Vice-President of Casein Co. of America (a division of the Borden Co.), producers of synthetic resins, chemicals, etc.; also at this time, is Director of the American Plastics Co. and the Hayden Chemical Co., Director and organizer of the Sodasco Co. S.A. (Argentina) and the Alba Co. S. A. (Brazil) (both affiliated with Borden Co.)
Serves as president of Debevoise-Anderson Co., Director of Minerva Panamerica C. por A. (Dominican Republic), President and Director of Debanders, Inc., President and Director of Cia Mercantil del Nuevo Mundo S. A. (Panama), President and Director of Fairfield Sales Corp., and Director of American Casein Co.; is connected with several South American mining ore companies in Chile and Peru.
Retires from active business, although still continues to run businesses in the U. S. and South America.
Becomes member of the U. S. Trade Mission to Romania and Poland; begins service as Chairman of the Board of Debevoise-Anderson Co.; organizes the Port Ore Processing Co. (POPCO)
Becomes Vice-President and Trustee of the U. S. Naval War College Foundation, and Vice-President and Director of the Defense Orientation Conference Association (D. O. C. A.)
Is elected President of the U. S. Naval War College foundation.

Nils Anderson, Jr. (1914-2000) Papers, 1888-1988