Scope and Content

The Adelphic Union Records consist of meeting minutes, attendance and membership records, library catalogues, related correspondence, and programs for exhibitions. The collection is divided into four series:

Series I. Adelphic Union inclusive of Philologian and Philotechnian Societies contains material related to both societies of the Adelphic Union from 1800 to 1963, such as meeting records, library catalogues, correspondence and programs relating to annual exhibitions, and correspondence regarding dissolution of the Adelphic Union.

Series II. Adelphic Union and Philologian Society Adelphic Union and Philologian Society , contains records of the independent meetings and debates of the Philologian Society from 1826 to 1909 in chronological order.

Series III. Adelphic Union and Philotechnian Society has been arranged into two subseries: Subseries A contains record books of meeting proceedings and Philotechnian debate topics from 1795 to 1890; Subseries B contains other records, such as account records, library catalogues, membership and attendance records, correspondence, and handwritten copies of The Philotechnian. Both Subseries A and B are organized chronologically and pertain to independent meetings and functions of the Philotechnian Society.

Series IV. Clinonian Society and Philorhetorian Society contains one book of records for each group, 1843-1844 and 1844 to 1847.

Appendix A. Adelphic Union Debate Topics, 1795-1867 includes a listing of debate topics taken from the records of the Philotechnian and Philologian Societies.

Adelphic Union Records, 1795-1963

1910 Debating Team