Instruction in the Archives

To best prepare students to use primary resources the College Archives offers instruction sessions for classes and individual students.

Classroom support
Working closely with faculty, we tailor classroom sessions to the curricular needs of the course.  Sessions may include presentation and discussion of pertinent resources: rare books, archival records, manuscript sources, visual material, even artifacts.  Research methods may also be interwoven into classroom discussion: how do I locate material pertinent to my research paper? how do I obtain reproductions or copyright releases? what does this source tell me beyond its intellectual content?  The Archives has also furnished material upon which exam questions or classroom projects are based.  We have worked with faculty in all three Divisions and across many disciplines: Environmental Studies, Studio Art, Sociology, Art History, Religion, and  English, to name a few.

Student assignments
We also work closely with students on individual assignments.  These may be short papers or multimedia productions, larger independent study projects, or theses.  Instruction and research aid are necessarily tailored specifically to the project and the student's background. 

Contact the College Archives if you would like to discuss instruction opportunities.

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