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The records of the Williams College History of Ideas Program contain material from 1970 to 1994, including files, letters, and memoranda produced and maintained by the Chairs: Daniel O?Connor, Clara Park, Francis Oakley, Mark Taylor, Tom Kohut, and Elaine Beretz. The records also contain budgets and expenses for the Program, notes on solutions for staffing problems, announcements of colloquia, an excerpt from a 1970 Williams College Record article pertaining to the creation of the History of Ideas Program, and a 1981 CEP Review. Also included are several folders labeled with the names of those students who chose to major in History of Ideas from 1984 to 1994. These folders hold schedules that the students took to complete the major. Grades and other personal notes were removed from the student files in this collection, but can still be obtained through the Registrar?s office.

Williams College History of Ideas Program, 1970-1994

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Scope and Content Note
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