History 367: Frontiers in Early America

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Fort Massachusetts and West Hoosick
  • Fort Massachusetts account book, 1747-1749 (Acc. # 0-015)
  • Order of the General Court to lay out two townships, April 18, 1749; Draft of a report regarding the survey of the east and west townships, Oct. 26, 1749 (New Misc. Mss. box 1 folder 9)
  • A plan of the town plots in the township west of Fort Massachusetts, ca. 1751 (Dwight #21)
  • Surveys in Williamstown, copied from original records by James H. Coffin, 1843 (Photocopy, Call #99.W671s)
  • Report of the Committee of the General Court regarding Ephraim Williams Jr.'s petition to build a grist mill and saw mill, 16 Feb. 1750 (Dwight #9)
  • Agreement between Ephraim Williams, Jr. and Elisha Chapin and Moses Graves to build the saw mill and grist mill, 17 March 1752 (Dwight #17)
  • Isaac Wyman's deed to Ephraim Williams, Jr. for land in West Hoosick with the exception of house lot #2, 10 April 1752 (Dwight #18)
  • Account of Seth Hudson for medicines, etc. administered to the soldiers at Fort Massachusetts, etc. from 12 June 1755 to 1 April 1757 (Fisher Howe oversize box folder 4)

The Battle at Lake George

Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s will

Other documents
  • John Williams letter to his son, including news of his "Indian Master," 24 May 1718 (Fisher Howe portfolio folder 1)
  • Oliver Partridge's copy of the Plan of a Proposed Union of the Several Colonies, 1754 (Dwight #40)
  • The case settling the boundary dispute between New York and Massachusetts Bay, 1763(?) (Dwight #53)
  • Broadside issued by the Massachusetts House of Representatives regarding the election and responsibilities of town Committees of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety, 13 Feb. 1776 (Dwight #58)
Ephraim Williams, Jr. letter to Israel Williams, 1755
Ephraim Williams's letter to Israel Williams enclosing his will, 1755