Last Will and Testament, July 22, 1755

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Item. I give & bequeath to my loving Cousen Elizabeth Williams, over and above the twenty pounds above mentioned, my Silver Cream pott and Tea Spoons.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving brother Thomas Williams, all my wearing Apparel, my Shoe Buckles, but in Case my Said Brother should die I then give them to my Surviving brothers to be equally Divided among them.

Item. I give to my beloved friend & kinsman Israel Williams Esqr. of Hatfield my Sorrel mare now at Northhampton, and my bald Colt now at Sheffield.

Item. I give to my trusty and well beloved friend John Worthington Esqr. of Springfield, my Chambers Dictionarys, with the whole of Popes works, and some other books that Came in the Same box now in his hands, and also my french fire Arm, my Case of pistols and hanger, in Case the french dont get them, but if he dies without Issue then the above Articles to be given to the eldest Male heir in Colln. Israel Williams family.

Item. I give & bequeath to my beloved Brother Thomas Williams, my fire Arm now in his Possession.

Item. I give the remaining part of my Library not Yet Disposed of (excepting my large bible and Ridgleys body of Divinity) to my beloved brothers, Thomas and Elijah Williams to be Equally Divided between them, but in Case my brother Thomas Dies his part to go to his Son Thomas, and in Case my Brother Elijah Dies without Issue, then his part to be given to my Cousens William & Israel Williams, to be equally Divided between them, over and above the Lotts of Land bequeathed them above, and it is my will & Desire further that my Cousen William Williams above mentioned Shall have the perusal of the books hereby given to my Brother's Thomas & Elijah, any reasonable time upon his Desire.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my brother Thomas Williams's two Eldest Daughters three Silver Spoons now at hatfield, and a Silver tankard now at Stockbridge, and what Silver may be bequeathed me by my Aunt Cook in Newtown.

Item. I give to my Brother Josiah my large bible and Ridgleys body of Divinity.

Item. I give to Soloman and Israel Stoddard Sons of my Great Benefactor John Stoddard Esqr. Deceased, my two Colts now at Northhampton.

Item. I give & devise & remitt to the poor Distressed & Imprudent Captain Elisha Chapen the Sum of One hundred pounds, to be Deducted out of the bond Given jointly by Moses Graves and Said Elisha Chapen, the Said hundred pounds to be remitted Out of the Said Chapens part.

Item. It is my will & Pleasure & Desire that the remaining part of lands not yet disposed of Shall be Sold at the Discretion of my Executors, within five years after an Established peace, And the interest of the money, and Also the interest of my money Arising by my bonds and notes, Shall be Appropriated towards the