Petition to the General Court of Massachusetts from the Trustees of the Free School, May 23,1792

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A rational hope may therefore be indulged that it will prove favorable to the morals and literary improvements of youth who may reside there. Your Memorialists ask leave further to observe, that Yale and Dartmouth Colleges are both of them nearer to the County of Berkshire than Cambridge. Most of the youths in the Counties of Hampshire and Berkshire who obtain a liberal education are sent to one or the other of those colleges, by means of which large sums of money are annually sent out of this Commonwealth for the purposes of Education. The southerly part of Berkshire is contiguous to Connecticut. The town of Williamstown is bordering upon the most fertile parts of the States of New York and Vermont. If therefore a college was instituted in that town, such is its local situation that great numbers of youth would probably resort there from the adjacent States, for the purpose of obtaining a liberal education. This would furnish an opportunity of diffusing our best habits and manners among the Citizens of our sister States. It would at the same time be a resource of Wealth and add to the influence and respectability of Massachusetts. There being already two Colleges within the Commonwealth, can not as we humbly conceive, be a reasonable objection against the addition of a third, especially as the Interest of the last, from its local situation, can not interfere with either of the former, the interests of the whole will perfectly coincide, and like a threefold cord, mutually confirm and strengthen each other.